Are You Looking For Legitimate & Safe Android Apps?

The maturity of the Android OS can really be indicated by the sheer volume of applications available for the platform. How can an Android user be expected to wade through all of these applications to find a quality product they are looking for? How can a developer generate exposure for their applications when the competition is steadily rising? Consider SlideME’s stance on application discovery.

Unlike other stores, SlideME actually inspects and reviews the content and functionality of each application submitted to our store. We don’t just check if the application is compatible and runs properly on multiple devices. We also ensure that the application has some value, may be useful to many users, and is legitimate and legal. 

SlideME does not accept simplistic junk applications, nor do we approve the misleading, scam applications that proliferate on other stores. When you download an application from SlideME, it is either the real deal or it is legitimate application that we make clear is only similar in nature.

Safety and security is also very important to us at SlideME. Our system automatically scans every application with multiple malware scanners and BlueBox security. Additionally, our review team manually checks each application for safe activity and permissions, and for the collection of private or personal information. Any application flagged by our scanners, that is found to have malicious activity, or that harvests private data is rejected by our approval process.

Many stores may highlight the volume of applications in their catalog, but consider how many of those applications fall into one of the above categories that SlideME rejects. These applications that exist purely to make easy money with very little effort do not deserve a place in the Android ecosystem.

Our strict approval process ensures that our catalog contains more quality applications than junk. This makes it easier for Android users to find useful and safe applications that meet their needs. This also makes it easier for Android developers to gain exposure for their applications as their efforts are not hidden away by spam.

Users should not assume that if an application is downloadable from Google Play that it is automatically deemed safe, or that it is safer than any other application store. This is a common misconception that many website writers, security companies, and communities propagate, while ignoring those users who fall victim to identity theft or malware due to this delusion.

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