Pao_Ying_Shoop Pao_Ying_Shoop v1.0

Rock-Paper-Scissors Slove Cloth Android Lady
Game for funny to everybody (Very Joke!!)


开心网客户端 开心网客户端 v3.0

appy network client 3.0 comes, you fans happy network, no longer have to enter the URL in the phone, is the largest social networking site SNS, through which you can connect with friends, classmates, colleagues, family members maintain close contact to understand their dynamics, to share your life bit by bit, while experiencing the latest and most popular white-collar game. Quick to share your life with happiness, communication has never been so fast and seamless. Welcome to the network continue to support the fun!


stopwatch stopwatch v1.0

The simple stopwatch utility that enables you to time tasks at any time and make records

Instructions for use:
1. Start software, press the start button to start timing, press the button again to stop timing.
2. The process of pressing the record button in time to save the current time to the list
3. Press the Clear button to return to the initial state button can set the time units are second-class and milliseconds, and may withdraw the application.


Cheat Sheets Cheat Sheets v1.0