World Clock Pro World Clock Pro v1.0.30

*** Get the acclaimed World Clock applications without Ads ***

This easy to use World Clock application has all the features you'd ever want in a clock. It has an intuitive and slick user interface.


Agile Lock Agile Lock v1.2

Now, as long as your phone is Android system, you will be able to experience the beauty of the lock screen. Only use one button, you can choose to use this agile lock screen or system default screen.Drag the bottom circle to the top can unlock screen.
This program has a lot of setting options: font, font color, font size, background settings, shortcuts settings, etc., must be well meet your needs.


SMS to CSV, TSV SMS to CSV, TSV v1.0

Export/Backup your SMS and save it to SDCard or send by E-mail.
CSV, TSV formats are supported.


Ghost Sensor Ghost Sensor v1.0

This app turns your smart phone into a Ghost detector.


SpaceTofu Widgets SpaceTofu Widgets v1.3

Elegant and modern toggle widgets for your home screen. Featuring five different functions and themes.


iClockStationPro iClockStationPro v1.0.0


iClockStationPRO is your all in one productive clock solution! This app is designed to be amongst the most functional clock apps in the market! With so many features, its sure to please!

(NOTE: Internet Connection/Data Required for Twitter and RSS Functionality.)


Perfect Lock Screen Toggle Perfect Lock Screen Toggle v4.0.0

Perfect Lock Screen Toggle Widget allows you to lock your phone with one click.


Best Battery Themes Best Battery Themes v1.0

The best battery app ever.

This battery app has so many features that we know you will not read them all (you'll get bored). The only thing we assure you is that we added the best features from all similar apps and mixed them into one single battery app.


URSafe Media Redirector Pro URSafe Media Redirector Pro v2.9.140225

• Get rid of DCIM folder for pictures, videos and much more ...
• Redirect files to any folder for any application you want.
• Easy to use !
• Fast and Lightweight !
• No special permissions !


Racing Speedometer Racing Speedometer v1.6

Racing style speedometer app that accurately measures your speed with GPS.


Text Modifier Text Modifier v1.0

This app have some easy to use tools for your texts, those text can be any long you want!! Alphabetize, Find and replace, Get file names, Merge text line by line and more!


Missed Call Messenger Pro Missed Call Messenger Pro v1.3.6.2

Don't miss out...send yourself a message instead!
Similar to Google Voice, this app will send you a message if you miss a phone call.

This is very helpful when you are not near your phone and miss a phone call.

This app is extremely customizable with many options to suit your needs and style. Updates and new features are frequent.


Ciacs Ciacs v1.5.2

Ciacs is a contact sender.
Easily send multiple contacts to multiple recipients.
-Send/receive business cards via SMS
-Integrated with Contacts app on Eclair
-Can recognize contact from paint text SMS
-Option to save sent SMS
-Supports plain text, csv and vcf formats for email


DDM DDM v1.0

DDM (Don't Disturb Me) is an application which allows you to turn of the ringer of your Android phone for particular incoming numbers and (if you want) in particular days and/or times.


Math Alarm Clock Math Alarm Clock v1.0

Wake up your mind with this quick brain teaser! Math Alarm Clock requires you to solve a mathematical equation before you can either snooze or dismiss the Alarm.


eGPS Trace Pro eGPS Trace Pro v1.0

eGPS Trace is a network diagnostic tool for displaying the route of packets across an Internet Protocol (IP) network.


KeroMouse Pro KeroMouse Pro v1.0

KeroMouse is an application to control your computer effectively by your phone. Use your phone as a mouse, as a keyboard or even as a media player remote control. It simply turns your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and remote controller by using your own WiFi network connection.


Shaker PRO Shaker PRO v1.0.2

Toggle WiFi,GPS,Data, Bluetooth and more simply shaking your device as a cocktail! Use it also to answer or drop calls! In English, Italian and banner free!!


Last Resort Last Resort v1.8

Last Resort will automatically send a SMS to your selected contacts before the phone is dead. (Keeps you in touch)


Perfect WiFi Toggle Perfect WiFi Toggle v4.0.0

Perfect WiFi Toggle Widget allows you On/Off your wifi connection with one click.