Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg v0.7.1304.56119

Project Gutenberg is the place where you can download over 33,000 free ebooks to read on your Android or other device.


I Know My Animals Free I Know My Animals Free v1.7

I Know My Animals is an interactive educational application that teaches kids to play while recognizing animals and their sounds. Once your children are accustomed to the sounds, you can test their learning through a fun quiz and cheer them for every correct answer.


ABC Alphabet for Kids ABC Alphabet for Kids v3.45

Fun way for kids to learn alphabet with sound and voice.

Alphabet are spoken in English
The Letters are go up to A-Z.


Mathris Lite Mathris Lite v1.1.5

The Mathris Lite app is a game for kids to learn numbers and build their basic math skills while still having a blast.

The numbers fall like bricks, but you can only remove the bricks by matching a question and an answer (4+2 with 6), question with a question that have the same result (4+2 with 3+3), or two same numbers (5 with 5).


AccountsAssistant AccountsAssistant v1.3

Accounts Assistant is designed to simplify the components of financial statement which are used in the everyday life of the accountants.


Timetable Timetable v1.0

Student timetable and alarm.Save your timetable easily and get notification for class.


Shapes Study 4 Kids Shapes Study 4 Kids v1.0

This Application can study different types of shapes and can fill different color on the shapes .


Homework Homework v2.1.2

The simplest homework planner in the market!


Math Rush 2 Math Rush 2 v1.0

Improve your math skills a series of short, fast paced quizes. Math Rush gives you a way to practice in a way that does not feel like you are actually doing math work.


Academic Schedule Academic Schedule v2.4.4

Μια εφαρμογή για το πρόγραμμα της ΑΣΟΕΕ!


Chicoo Connects the Dots Chicoo Connects the Dots v1.1

Chicoo on connecting the dots for kids.

★★★ What activities are included? ★★★
⇒ Your child is learning numbers and letters while Connecting the dots,
⇒ Drawing the Picture. (A cute picture can fully attract the child's attention) ⇒ kids will end up the dots. (They can enable sound to hear the image name.)
⇒ Listening the beautiful sounds. (you'll be able to relax when your child is learning while having great fun.)


SimpleSums SimpleSums v1.0.0

Simple but challenging maths game - ideal for young players. Four key math skills - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Three skill levels - the hard level can get quite tricky, even for adults!!

Score points for each correct answer - fast answers score more! 20 seconds to answer each question - try to answer all 20.

There are 49 achievements in the game - can you get them all?


CCENT Guide CCENT Guide v1.0

This app is for the people who are giving the CCENT exam. This app will tell you how to study for CCENT exam. Also it will help you understand the different topics for the CCENT exam.


My Child Organizer My Child Organizer v1.0

Take the stress out of your mornings with School Run


Красные Книги Красные Книги v1.10

Приложение 'Красные Книги' - это мобильная версия Красных Книг Республики Беларусь и Российской Федерации. Приложение содержит информацию о более чем 1400 редких видах. Каждый вид снабжён подробным описанием, иллюстрацией, ссылкой на Википедию.


Golem Golem v1.2.5

Mit dieser App können sie einfach und bequem die IT-Nachrichten von lesen und mit ihren Freunden teilen.


USA Road Sign Test USA Road Sign Test v1.8

USA Road Sign Test is a simple quiz based game to help users who are studying for the DMV driving test. No state specific signs are included so the application is applicable to all test takers. If you are a new driver or renewing your license this road sign game will help you pass with flying colors.



Class, Object, OOP, Exception, Threading, RMI, Socket, Server, AWT, Applet, Swing, JSP, Servelet, Struts, hibernate, Spring, moven, Eclips IDE, DBMS, MySQL, SQL Server. This application covers every topic of java, It covers around 1000 questions and answers related to java.


EMT-Paramedic EMT-Paramedic v1.3

pward Mobility’s NREMT Paramedic / EMT Exam Prep is a valuable tool to help you pass the National Register of Emergency Medical Technicians exam. This practice exam/review module contains 202 questions written by professional writers with concise, detailed explanations to help you prepare for this test.


IthinkDictionary IthinkDictionary v3.0

The IThink Dictionary is a comprehensive IT dictionary with suggestions of 3,000 computer related terms and abbreviations with word twist game.