Book of Enigmas Book of Enigmas v1.0.50

Some time ago an old professor travelled around the world searching for the most amazing enigmas. He solved and wrote all of them in an old book: the Book of Enigmas.

But, we don’t know how, he lost his book.

And now, you found it!

Are you ready to open it and try to solve all his enigmas?


Book Of Shadows Book Of Shadows v1.0.1

Some time ago an old professor travelled around the world searching for the most amazing shadows. He painted all of them in an old book: the Book of Shadows.

But he lost this book too, just like what happened to the Book of Enigmas.

And now, you found it!

Are you ready to open it and try to solve all the pages?


Balloon Buzz Balloon Buzz v1.1.0

Simple. Intuitive. Fun!

Control Buzz the Bee with your finger, popping as many balloons as possible to rack up the points!


Funny People Too Funny People Too v1.0.0

This is a game using the swipe gesture, expecting you to create... funny people too.


Caricatura Caricatura v1.2.1

making your own caricature, now is a piece of cake


Chubby Superhero: Survival Chubby Superhero: Survival v1.0

A fast paced addictive superhero game! Dodge the fireballs to save the world with ultimate powers.


Princess Pink Royal Spa Salon Princess Pink Royal Spa Salon v1.0.0

Have a royal pampering day at the most fabulous princess spa ever!
If you just love PINK and adore PRINCESSES, this is the perfect GAME for you! Are you ready to enter the magical world of the Pink Princess?


Love Land Princess Spa Love Land Princess Spa v1.0.0

Welcome to the most adorable and fabulous kingdom ever seen! Love Land is a places that’s filled with beautiful emotions and wonderful princesses. Meet the most gorgeous princess of them all and have an amazing beauty adventure with her!


Jet Step Ninja Jet Step Ninja v0.2.1

Ume completed her mission and must now get back to her own base while dodging
the enemy obstructions. How far can you take her?


Kikis Fashion Picks 2 Kikis Fashion Picks 2 v1.0.0

Everyone’s favourite fashion stylist is back with the super sleek Kiki’s Fashion Picks 2. Take on the lead role and dress your models to fit the brief.


Farm Quest Farm Quest v2.1

Happy collecting fruits and vegetables or farm animals on the farm Quest.
Connected to the same fruits and vegetables or farm animals, will be able to collect the elimination of classes, complete all levels of the game modes, and try to get three vegetable stars. Come Quest farm happy to collect it.


PolyPop PolyPop v1.01

Fight against yourself in this challenging game in which you are your own enemy!

In PolyPop you have to blow up a specific geometric shapes without mistakes, nor missing any. Succeed or fail depends on it.

How many points can you get? Only the best players achieve the trophy! Are you one of them?

PolyPop is a fun challenge and colorful casual game. It includes music, sound and visual effects that capture you at any time and situation.

HD and 3D game, adapted to all kinds of devices.


Missing Fluffy Missing Fluffy v1.0

Help little Fluffy find his family!


Magic Hero Magic Hero v1.3

Play Magic Hero and battle magical creatures in this turn-based match 3 game.


Pop Monster Pop Monster v1.0.1

Pop Monster is an addictive game with nice graphic design, and lively sounds. The cute one-eye monsters with difference colors attract you and make your challenge more difficult and funny.


WaterPipes WaterPipes v2.5

The object of game is to connect water pipes from "in" pipe to "out" pipe, you must finish the work before water reached. The more pipes passed by water the more scores.


Lollipop Bonanza Lollipop Bonanza v1.2

The most lollipop crushing fun you can have on mobile!
Simple fun for all ages!!


Eggs - Owls Eggs - Owls v1.5

Ullo the owl has fallen from its nest. Can you keep it in flight and avoid the eggs? After all, no owl would want to be pelted with its youngs' corpses. Feed your owl the bees that appear on screen and build up your score. Use the accelerometer to manoeuvre your owl and tap the screen to make your owl fly higher.

Can you eat enough bee and avoid enough eggs to build up a formidable highscore?


Number Monsters Number Monsters v1.0.4

It’s fun, addictive and very simple RPG type Puzzle game.
Touch quickly from a small to big number in sequence and fight a battle with monsters.
As the player has to keep continually focused on the game, it improves your concentration.
Compete your level against people around all over the world through a ranking system!


1000Fishing 1000Fishing v1.0.2

1000 Fishing is a casual single-player game, combining four play modes: fishing, jewel-collecting, pet-raising and character-upgrading. The player can control his/her own cannon, having fun fishing in the deep sea, and earning from harvest.