Gap it Bit Gap it Bit v2.01

Gap it Bit is a randomly generated, endless runner style game with Voxel style graphics.

Control Bit as you score points and collect creds while navigating an ever increasingly fast map.

This is a full ground up rebuild on the original game, the only thing retained is save data.


50 States Flags 50 States Flags v2.6

Fun with USA 50 states flags.


Dragon Maker Dragon Maker v1.0

Explore Dragon Wood in this dragon customizing treasure hunt game!


Swipe out Swipe out v1.4

Extremely fun and amazingly addictive. You have about 60 seconds to clear as many items as you can by connecting 3 or more adjacent identical items. The longer the connections the more points you get

Have fun!


Hidden Dress Up Hidden Dress Up v1.0.0

Hidden Dress Up. Help the girl choose clothes .
It offers elegant dresses, shoes, jewelry, flowers and the sea of things that any girl would become a princess.


Poor Little Puppy Poor Little Puppy v1.0

There are 10 objects on the stage, 5 will earn you this poor dog trust while the other 5 will make the puppy dislike you and the game will be over.


Christmas Candy Crash Christmas Candy Crash v1.0.7

Enjoy this free game where everyone can play anytime. The goal is simple: swap and match different objects and keep the snowman without melting as long as you can before time runs out.


- Colorful graphics and fun set in Christmas.
- You will not need much time to play a game (ideal for casual gamers).
- LEADERBOARDS for you and your friends through Facebook.
- Game available in 10 languages.


Christmas Elf Christmas Elf v1.0

Enjoy the christmas spirit with a great, FREE and easy to play game.


A Charming Princess A Charming Princess v1.0.0

The autumn royal ball is about to start so help this beautiful princess for this special moment!


Ski Santa Ski Santa v1.0

Welcome to Ski Adventure, You will LOVE this game is AMAZING. The best gameplay experience.


Xmas Lights Xmas Lights v1.0

Enjoy the christmas spirit with a great, FREE and easy to play game.
A lot of fun and beautiful flat graphics for Xmas.
Have a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year.


Thumbi Thumbi v1.05

Do you know that “95% of gamers cannot accomplish ‘Right Hand – Left Eye Coordination’ at all without training”. You don’t believe me? Play this game and prove it ! ! This is a new gameplay concept. First of its Kind. This is an entirely new Gameplay Concept. First of its kind.


Plastic Pop Plastic Pop v1.0.0

Touch and pop the virtual bubbles as fast as you can, but you must always watch the RED or BLUE indicator.
Top 5 time will save.


Always Hungry Always Hungry v1.0.0

With the buttons on the screen control the worm direction. Try to eat as many apples as you can. The more you eat the higher the score. But avoid touching the grass or the caterpillar will abandon the stage, ending the game.


Number Series Genius Number Series Genius v1.0.3

Are you a number series genius?

Test your math skills with this number series generator and find the missing number of the series. It's fun and you can train your intelligence at the same time. Number series questions are very popular in IQ tests or in job applicant selection tests. There is the possibility to adjust the difficulty of the series so that children and adults can train their brain depending on their math skills.


ZooZoo ZooZoo v1.02

ZooZoo Free
A beautiful gift for your kids on this Christmas.Let your kids take care their pets and grow their virtual zoo.
Enjoy the real fun of caring your virtual zoo.

How to Play:
1.Direct the visitors to right animal
2.Place them on marked spot in front of each animal cage
3.If you dont have free slot dropping visitors to icecream will let you earn before they leave.
4.Server the water and feed the animals
5.Visit market to buy food and animals

Enjoy the game


Fruit Link-Free Game Fruit Link-Free Game v1.1

Are you still playing eliminating games? The new masterpiece ---the most popular Fruit Link series has appeared! Excellent visual effect and smooth game experience! Perfect combination between brain game and recreation! It has added new gameplay and multiple effects and intensified game experience. What are you waiting for?


Quick Balloons Quick Balloons v1.1

Quick Balloons is a simple yet very challenging game. Test your concentration and memory.
Every 20 seconds the game generates a random pattern of "good" colors to tap.
Missing a "good" balloon will cause loosing a point, tapping "wrong" color will end the game.

Invite your friends and play against them using HeyZap LeaderBoards.


School Doctor School Doctor v1.0.3

Ready for the coolest medical challenge in the world? School Doctor is here!


Funny Christmas Farting Santa Funny Christmas Farting Santa v1.2.4

Christmas app where Santa dances, sings and makes burp and fart sounds.

It's christmas time! Wait for the first snow, christmas tree, and sing carols with dancing Santa Claus.

Do you like Santa Claus's games for kids and christmas themes? Does fart sounds and burp sounds make you laugh? Farting Santa Claus is a free christmas app made for you.