Hero Prince Hero Prince v2.2

Evil is coming, so it's time for real heroes!


Hey Ninja (jump and slice) Hey Ninja (jump and slice) v2.1.6

Watch the video to learn how to play! Become a ninja in the jungle: run, jump and slice monsters!


HillPiggy me HillPiggy me v1.416

You played games, right? BUT have you ever been inside game. Now it the time. Take a picture and be one of the characters


HPL HPL v1.0.5

HPL (Hardcore Platformer League) is a skill-based platform game that is all about fun tricks and speedrunning.


human human v1.0.4

In this game you have to play the man, which can usually be found on the sign, but this game is not about how he zhyl in the sign, this game is about his adventures. In it you have to go through many levels, in order to help him get through the various worlds.


Hunny Bunny Hunny Bunny v1.0

Hunny Bunny is an enjoyable platform runner game. Help the bunny collect coins and pass levels to travel to the new world. More and more updates to come soon, with enemies, more collectables, new worlds.


IDWD IDWD v1.0.7

This is a platformer game where you need control two stickmans. Your goal is to put them in to pencil box!


IHateBears IHateBears v1.1

I hate teddy bears! I wanna destroy all bears! Hey bear, don't jump!


iLand Adventure iLand Adventure v1.5.0

Get ready for new adventure multi level platform game iLand Adventure. Collect coins and stars; run, jump in this beautiful island, defeat enemies and enjoy the smooth game play and sound effects.

Features -
Island is filled with enemies to defeat.
Multiple game levels
Multiple themes to choose ( Dew island and Dragon island )
Cool collectible ( star and coins )
Exciting sound effects
Filled with actions run, jump
Smooth game controls

Try iLand adventure now.


IncredibleCube IncredibleCube v2.0.7

A game for those who possess a special trait, want to know what? Play the game


iWolf iWolf v1.3

iWolf is action packed 2D platformer game inspired by epic fantasy (like Hobbit, Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Chronicles of Narnia etc.), that will bring you console like experience to your phone or tablet.


Jack Jones Jack Jones v1.1.021

Известный археолог и специалист по оккультным наукам доктор Джонс отправляется в опасное приключение. В своем необычайном приключении он должен отправиться на поиски уникальной реликвии. Но он и не подозревает, что ждет его на пути к драгоценными находками...


Jetpack Hero Flat World Jetpack Hero Flat World v1

It's funny adventure game.Shoot your enemies ,avoid obstacles and collect coin.


Jetpack Journey Free Jetpack Journey Free v1.14

Join in on the high flying adventure with Jetpack Journey. Collect coins throughout dangerous environments to unlock more levels, win trophies and get the top score!


Jewel Collector Jewel Collector v1.0

JUMP RUN Collect Jewel
And enjoy 20 extra ordinary level.

Help that poor thief to get points


Jones On Fire Jones On Fire v1.1.1

Jones on Fire - a high-speed action game of kitty saving and flame evading, running and jumping, where YOU are the hero!


Journey To Pluto 2 Journey To Pluto 2 v2.0

A little Pluto inhabitant crashed in Earth. Now it’s his epic journey to Pluto again. On his way to Pluto he has to face different adventure like jumping, climbing, floating in space and fighting with snake, leopard, mountain goat and eagle. This version 2.0 contains four fantastic levels jungle, himalay, cloud and space.


Journey To Pluto Free Journey To Pluto Free v1.7

A little Pluto inhabitant crashed in Earth. Now it’s his epic journey to Pluto again. On his way to Pluto he has to face different adventure like jumping, floating in space, and fighting with snake, leopard, mountain goats and aliens. This free version contains two excellent level Jungle and Himalaya with nice environment and monkey, parrot, mountain leopard, goat and snake enemy.


Jump Boy Jump Jump Boy Jump v1.0.1

Jump Boy Jump is a new platform game with Cute Graphics and Addictive Game Play


Jump Heroes Jump Heroes v1.1.1

Jump your way to avoid deadly obstacles. Choose to play as multiple characters by collecting coins to unlock new ones.