Say That Number Say That Number v1.0

Teach your child the numbers from 1 thru 9. When you press the number it is highlighted and spoken in a clear voice. Super easy, intended for very young children.


CoosiMuseum CoosiMuseum v1.0.7

Here is the ticket for Coosi’s Wonder Museum!


Enseñas A Tus Hijos Matemáticas Enseñas A Tus Hijos Matemáticas v1.7

Enseñas A Tus Hijos Matemáticas" es una aplicación no oficial para apoyar al método de Glenn Doman para enseñar matemáticas a su bebé.

Tu hijo verá algunas "cartulinas" virtuales (también llamadas "flashcards"), siguiendo los pasos del mismo método.

Aprender la Matemáticas será fácil y divertido. Mejore su hijos QI!

La mejor aplicación disponible para enseñar matemáticas con el metodo Doman!


Trigonometry App Trigonometry App v1.4

For all maths students irrespective of whether you are maths lovers, maths haters you have to have this app in your mobile.
There are plenty of trigonometry formulas and sometimes it becomes very difficult to learn them all.
Don't worry, we are here to help you out.
This app gives many formulas on the trigonometry, if you think any more formula should be included in the app, do mail us at


kidsABC kidsABC v1.51

ABC123 for kids.
Learning Alphabet, English word and number for Kids.


Math Pro Free Math Pro Free v3.03

Mathpro is a collection of calculators: Matrix Calculator (including complex matrices), Complex Number Calculator, Factorial Calculator, Quadratic Equation Solver, Cubic Equation Solver, Exponent Calculator, Nth Root Calculator, Vector Calculator and Simultaneous Equation Solver.


Lets Play With Knowledge! Lets Play With Knowledge! v2.1.1


- How many italian/english/french/german words do you know?
- Do you know all italian/european/world capitals?
- Are you quick to solve math operations?

Try this app!

- Multiple screen support added!
- Fixed some bugs related to game sounds!

OS required: Android 1.6 or higher!


Tablas de multiplicar Tablas de multiplicar v1.0.0

Learn easily multiplication tables


Math Dash Math Dash v1.1.5

A fun game to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Let's enjoy and train your brain!


DinoKids Math DinoKids Math v1.0.1

DinoKids - Math is simple, fun and educative mini game. Solve the various math problems by dragging and dropping the correct numbers into the equations. Compete for the most correct answers in the least amount of time.


Kids First Play Kids First Play v1.0.5

Make learning for your kids fun and enjoyable with this app for kids.


Flashcards ToGo Flashcards ToGo v1.7.2e

Flashcards ToGo makes flashcard learning on your mobile fun...


Hajiazuq Hajiazuq v1.0

Do you know Hiroki AZUMA'@hazuma'? this app show how much do you know about hazuma. true, false, test, quiz, quizz, games, game, free app, trivia


Baby Names Baby Names v1.29

Expecting a new baby and not sure what name to pick? Baby Names lists popular baby names, tells you how popular over the last 10 years they've been, provides search functionality, and lets you star your favorite names and share them via email with your friends. Can now install to SD card, also has new icon.


Guitar Tools Guitar Tools v2.2.6

Guitar Chords - Guitar Scales - Guitar Tunings


Colours Colours v9.2.0

Easy and fun color learning for the youngest of starters.


A+ TimeTable A+ TimeTable v2.1.1

A+ Timetable helps you organize you daily schedule.
Share timetable with your friends.
Auto silence phone during lessons(experimental).
Auto complete hours.
Less annoying ads(1 ad visit will pause ads for a week). Several bug fixes.


Inktera Books Inktera Books v1.37.788

Inktera makes it easy to find, purchase and read today’s most popular eBooks.


mobileGRIB light mobileGRIB light v1.2

GRIB weather forecast for Android. mobileGRIB light is a fully functional version with outdated GRIB files. To receive actual GRIB forecasts, please purchase the full version.


Kid Connect Kid Connect v2.0.6

Kid Connect is a game for kids. It helps kids to learn numbers and letters ...
Kid Connect is a game for kids. It helps kids to learn numbers and letters by connecting right numbers/letters on the colorful images.
Your kids can learn to recognize and pronounce numbers and letters of the alphabet in a kid-friendly way.