Baby Explorer DEMO Baby Explorer DEMO v4.1

Baby explorer is a fun learning program for children of all ages.


Mathris Lite Mathris Lite v1.1.5

The Mathris Lite app is a game for kids to learn numbers and build their basic math skills while still having a blast.

The numbers fall like bricks, but you can only remove the bricks by matching a question and an answer (4+2 with 6), question with a question that have the same result (4+2 with 3+3), or two same numbers (5 with 5).


Spelling Practice (English US) Spelling Practice (English US) v1.1

An English US spelling practice tool for student.


Alphabet 4 kids Alphabet 4 kids v1.6

Game for children to learn the capital letters. With this fun game children learn to recognize letters and their pronunciation in English and Spanish.

For children of children who can not read this application will find it very funny and they will learn as a game

Application for children to learn to read and write very easily. Learn english and spanish alphabet


Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali v3.7

Con "Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali" potrete insegnare a vostro figlio il suono e il nome degli strumenti musicali.
Adesso disponibili 27 strumenti!
Giocando con le icone il bambino assocerà presto il suono allo strumento musicale e sarà in grado di indovinarlo solo ascoltandolo!
Imparare gli strumenti musicali sarà un gioco facile e divertente. Un’applicazione per il vostro bambino che lo aiuterà a crescere e scoprire cose nuove.


Blues Guitar Soloist Lite Blues Guitar Soloist Lite v4.1

Learn to play in terms of harmonic color and intervals, instead of meandering through scale patterns, in the context of a full original 12-bar blues based on the styles of various blues masters, like B.B King, Buddy Guy or SRV, among others.


Edmodo Edmodo v2.2

Edmodo for the Android makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected and share information. Use your Android phone to send notes, post replies, and check messages and upcoming events while away from the classroom.


Letter Writing Letter Writing v1.0

Letter writing app is for preschool & kindergarten kids to learn writing capital & small alphabets.


Spanish (Free) Spanish (Free) v1.40

The most effective way to Speak & Learn Spanish.

You can start speaking Spanish RIGHT AWAY!

Even if you don't know a word of the language. No drills or boring grammar. This innovative 'EasyTalk' method is so easy and so fast that you'll be speaking Spanish within minutes - GUARANTEED!



ABC Letters ABC Letters v5.01

Fun way for your kids to learn their alphabet free


Paint The Alphabet Paint The Alphabet v1.0.3

Paint the Alphabet for Kids is a painting tool for young children, with an educational twist allowing them to learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun way.
By starting with an outline image, and as the kids swipe their finger over the screen, the pre-colored image will appear, making it seem to them as though they are doing the coloring!


JavaScript Reference JavaScript Reference v1.0

This JavaScript Reference describe the properties and methods of each object, along with examples.
All built-in JavaScript objects
All browser objects
All HTML DOM objects


ABC4ME Lite ABC4ME Lite v2.1

Infants, toddlers & preschoolers enjoy the alphabet pronounced by a 4 year old boy.

Game features:
* Big colorful buttons
* Childproof lock
* Freestyle mode
* Quiz game
* Alphabet song

Full Version upgrade adds:
* Spanish
* Russian
* Record your voice in any language you wish. Every sound can be recorded, even the alphabet song!
* No Ads

Try ToddlePhone for numbers and colors


Dylan&Lydia Lite Dylan&Lydia Lite v1.0.7

Follow Dylan and Lydia's exciting adventures and learn English through the lens of storytelling and technology! This double- path digital storybook will help boost your language skills through fun games& activities and make extensive reading an enjoyable, interactive experience!


Physics Cheat Sheets FREE Physics Cheat Sheets FREE v1.3.5

The best Collection of Physics cheat sheets and quick reference cards

Many Cheat Sheets in your mobile to have the formulas wherever and whenever you want.

With this application you can use your travel time to study, or just have it as a quick reference when needed.


AlloAndSpace Lite AlloAndSpace Lite v1.1.1

Travel into the planets of our solar system with dinosaur friend "Allo"


Kids3DPiano Kids3DPiano v1.0

*The first 3D kids piano App!!
*Kids 3D Piano is now available on Store!
*Kids 3D Piano is specially designed for kids to play on an the phone, for early music learning and exploration.


Basic Operations Basic Operations v1.3.1

It is an easy and funny application for kids to develop their math skills.


Animal Sounds أصوات الحيوانات Animal Sounds أصوات الحيوانات v1.0

تعلم أصوات الحيوانات ,15 صوت لحيوانات شهيرة
Learn 15 of famous animals sounds for children.


Exoplanet Explorer Lite Exoplanet Explorer Lite v2.3.8

Exoplanet Explorer takes you on a journey into deep space, beyond the limits of our Solar System. Based on the latest available data, you'll explore virtual models of more than 700 known planets and the star systems that they inhabit.