Aqua Link Up Aqua Link Up v1.03

Aqua Link Up is a very amazing puzzle game!
Clear the lovely aquatics dolls by link up two same dolls which can be connected by a line folded no more than 2 times.


Arcadius Winter Adventure Arcadius Winter Adventure v0.1.8

Once again, Arcadius returns with a brand new and exciting adventure remaining true to the classic match-3. Puzzle your way through 3 beautiful winter sceneries full of our cute colourful creatures and discover new incredible challenges.


Archaeologist Archaeologist v1.0

Come and uncover the acient mysterious puzzles!


Architect Architect v1.3.3

Tidy those boxes, a challenge puzzle game! Boosting brain power!


Astro Explosions Astro Explosions v1.1

Improve your Memory and Math skills having fun with this space themed game.


Atlantis Runes Atlantis Runes v1.1.0

Remove all runes from the board !!!


Awesome Cat Puzzle Awesome Cat Puzzle v1.1

Awesome cat runs away from a dog. Be a hero and help the cat!


Aztec Aztec v1.0.5

Aztec is brain challenging, addictive and fun puzzle game with stunning HD graphics !

Match the pattern shown on the small image, shifting the rows of colorful Aztec-shapes vertically and horizontally. The more you will play the more you will be challenged with more difficult puzzles.


B!Side B!Side v1.0.3

Test your mental math and exercise your brain with this challenging fun puzzle.


Baboo! Baboo! v1.0

Help the cute Baboos complete rainbow lines in this colorful, fun puzzle game


Backshift Backshift v0.1.5

A simple memory game to turn your brain upside down :)


Balego Balego v1.12

Balego is an addictive block matching game

  • Drop the cells wisely to form triplets that break
  • Use strategy: triplets clear all adjacent similar cells
  • Use the bomb and drill cells wisely as they clear larger areas
  • There are also magnets that move their adjacent cell
  • The less cells you leave, the more STARS you gain
  • On every level won, funny & smart quotes are displayed

Ballogic Ballogic v2013.09.21

Puzzle Logic Action game with unique gaming style. Its a puzzle but while playing its a platformer with side-scrolling camera and enemies, hurdles etc. Its a blend of both logic and action flavor.

Control a ball and move it towards destination with maze like puzzles with hurdles in between.


Balloon Blowout Balloon Blowout v1.0.1

In "Balloon Blowout" the balloons have escaped and it is your task to pop them before they all get away.


Balloon Stalls Balloon Stalls v1.01

Remember the number of each kind balloon, and then answer the question.


Balls Balance Balls Balance v1.1

Don't disturb the balance! No matter what!


BankRaid BankRaid v1.0.0

Time is against you, you must diffuse the bomb before time runs out!
find your way through the walls, but you can only push.

25 levels, 3 Lives
Good Luck


Beat Birds Beat Birds v1.0

you can not stopping pop the birds.


Bebop Puzzle Beat Bebop Puzzle Beat v1.0.175

Tag along with a jazz band in a unique puzzle-action adventure!


Bee in the Rose Garden Bee in the Rose Garden v1.3

Use your memory and finger skills to help the worker bee to save flowers.