Partial Search Partial Search v1.0

With Partial Search(PS) you can search for names, numbers and emails...partially


VegaFruits VegaFruits v1.0

Having problem to choose the right tomato ?
Did you brought home a rotten avocado again ??
This app is the new grocery shop personal assistant.
It will help you choose the freshest and best fruits and vegetables in the grocery shop.


Track Missed Prayer Pro. Track Missed Prayer Pro. v1.0

Kaza namazı takibi için ufak bir program. (REKLAMSIZ)

A small program for tracking the missed prayers. (NO ADD)

Ein kleines Programm für die Verfolgung der verpassten Gebete. (Keine Werbung)

Un petit programme pour le suivi des prières manquées. (Pas de Publicité)


СМС-фильтр СМС-фильтр v1.0

Hide your sms messages. Start password: "1". Minimal req: android 2.1.


Third Eye Live Third Eye Live v1.1.00

Share Files, Host Websites and stream live media from your android device over local wifi network


SPL Spectrum Analyzer SPL Spectrum Analyzer v2.7

App measures and analyses sound pressure level and sound frequency spectrum.


mysql Status Monitor mysql Status Monitor v1.2

MySQL Status Monitor is a simple and lightweight application that allows you to see your Mysql database status.


OBD2 Codes OBD2 Codes v2.0.0

The most complete OBD2 & 1 DTC engine fault code diagnostic database.


Sitecom4xx Sitecom4xx v1.0

Sitecom4xx. WPA & WPA2 Sitecom routers Keygen Audit.

Dictionary Generator WPA & WPA2 networks default keys for Sitecom routers.

Vulnerable Sitecom routers with the ESSID 'SitecomXXXXXX', with initial BSSID '00:0C:F6:' and '64:D1:A3:', and the models 'WL-XXX', 'WLM-XXXX' and 'WLR-XXXX'.


Call Volume Manager Pro Call Volume Manager Pro v1.0

App making the volume of your incoming calls to the maximum possible in the system, so you never miss an important call


Ambrosia Battery Widget Full Ambrosia Battery Widget Full v1.3

Beautiful battery level widget for your homescreen!
Choose from multiple skins - have an apple being eaten, a sun or a scifi circle!


Call Helper Call Helper v1.0

Setup reminder or send sms at the end of a call.