WikiTest WikiTest v2.0.1

Play, learn, and have fun. Correctly answer each question as quickly as possible to get extra points and catapult your name to the top of the list. You will face more than five hundred interesting, funny and curious questions about different topics such as sports, music, news, movies, etc. Think you can get to be number one? Check It Out! Be the smartest one!


Tap the balloons - for kids Tap the balloons - for kids v1.0.1

A fun game for kids from 1 to 100 years.


Candy Cut Halloween Candy Cut Halloween v1.0.1

Slash cut is a game similar to other celebrities like cut things !


Army War Lite Army War Lite v2.3.8

Army War is an (RTS) real time strategy game. The game features different missions as: destroy the enemy base, capture the flag, , defends the flag, survives the attack, move your army, collects money and other.

To complete the objectives you must use different strategies of attack and create an army as required by the mission.


Mighty Dungeons Mighty Dungeons v1.8.0

✮ Enjoy this fan-made crossover between old-school boardgames Heroquest, Warhammer Quests and oldies games Diablo and Dungeon Master

✮ Wander evil-packed dungeons and battle golems, demons and other soul-less creatures with dozen of hours of gameplay through 3 campaigns, 6 heroes, a plethora of weapons, armors, potions and magic spells at your disposal

✮ Loyal to its boardgame roots, visit to submit creatures, quests and complete boards and make this game your own


Birdhunt Birdhunt v2.1

Catch the duck
Bird Hunting game based on Japan traditional method in Miyazaki.


Balance the Bomb Balance the Bomb v1.9.2

Fate of the world is in your hand. Literally.

Tilt your phone to keep the dynamite standing for as long as possible.


Angry Killer Ninja Angry Killer Ninja v1.0

Dash your way through countless waves of angry ninjas and slice them up!


PixelStrip - Free PixelStrip - Free v23

Pixel Strip: Free Ad Supported Version.
Use your power of the rock, paper and scissors game to challenge beautiful woman to a stripping contest. Whoever loses, strips!

No sexual organs or 'parts below' are drawn in detail, yet if you are offended by very pixelated and cartoon nudity, don't download this game.

This game is ad supported. The ads are there to try and support me.


Pirates Vs Ninjas Pirates Vs Ninjas v1.1

Finally end the debate on who would win in a fignt Pirate or Ninja!


Cyborg Ninja Cyborg Ninja v1.4

Get ready for an action packed Cyborg Ninja hack and slash game.
Fight your way through the cyborg attack in an epic ninja battle. Defeat the attacking cyborg slayers and the big boss with your ninja blade to win. Attack and evade the lasers to stay alive and make it to the next round.


Robo Revenge Robo Revenge v0.9.9

3D platformer action games, robo is attacking the evil planets. It is a shooting games and also jumping games. Upgrade robo's weapon to win challenging stages with various enemies and maps. Aim and shoot the enemies, jump to the moving bridge and don't fall down.

For high end devices only.


Astro Defender Astro Defender v1.0

Save the galaxy from waves of aliens mutants! not for the faint-hearted, quick response and sharp reflexes are required to smash down the aliens.


Shadow Ninja Shadow Ninja v1.7

simple action game,like ninja


Cut Fruits Cut Fruits v1.0.1

Cut the fruit is an arcade style action game with a lot of juice enjoyed by millions of players around the world!


Ninjas capture Ninjas capture v1.1.5

This is a game where you have to capture as much ninjas as you can!


Ant Hustle Ant Hustle v1.0

A colony of black ants lived peacefully over a green hillock, guarded by black ninja ant. All their peace was disturbed when a huge mothership of alien insects invaded the hillock.


Beginner Drivers Beginner Drivers v1.0.0

Only six intersections should be aware of ....


Holi Holi v1.3

First ever Holi game where you have all the ingredients available. Play the game and paint the canvas with colors.


Samurai Ninja Encounter Samurai Ninja Encounter v1.0

Samurai Ninja Encounter is an action game.
Avoid and cut the Ninjas, Shurikens and Shinobies. Voyage through samurai clans.