Flash Morse Torch Flash Morse Torch v1.2.5

Flash Morse Torch

A very portable and light torchlight application, it occupies very little cpu and memory but it is very powerful. Please enjoy it. It supports SOS flash and customized morse flash.


Magic Locker Magic Locker v1.1.2

“Magic lock” is strongly recommended for those who have problem with the position of their power key for locking/unlocking their smart phones.
“Magic lock” is not only used for locking/unlocking the phone ,but also provides lots of other useful features too...


Globe Globe v1.0.6


A globe is a three-dimensional scale model of Earth (terrestrial globe or geographical globe) or other spheroid celestial body such as a planet, star, or moon. It may also refer to a spherical representation of the celestial sphere, showing the apparent positions of the stars and constellations in the sky (celestial globe).




Surfen Mini Surfen Mini v1.0

***** 1000+ downloads for this new kind of browser *****

***** RANKED #89 on Amazon App Store *****



WhatsMyIP WhatsMyIP v1.6

Displays your IP address, telephone number and network information. Whats My IP will also identify if you are on a mobile network or connected via wifi.


Kitchen Timer Kitchen Timer v1.6

Kitchen timer will not let you forget that the stove is boiling pan or turn the oven. Or you can just measure out the desired amount of time.


GoNav GoNav v1.0.1

GoNav is the fastest internet browser with the most optimized features adapted for mobile phones and tablets. It combines a user friendly interface, and a sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.


Web Narrator Web Narrator v1.0

Listen the Web


Aloha Aloha v1.1.3.1

Private web browser with free unlimited VPN and downloader


Via Via v3.1.3

Best browse with full speed & less web data!Enjoy your Secure & Private time.


Map eNote Map eNote v4.9.8

Map eNote
What you can do with Map eNote?
1. Add Notes in Auido, Video, Image and text formats;
2. View the note list;
3. Edit the note;
3. Delete the note;
4. Locate the note;
5. GPS Navigattion.

You can add audio, text and even photo on your specified location.
Share notes(Photo, Audio, Video) with email, bluetooth, facebook, twitter, etc.
Save power with checking ispause for sensors
Embedded Picture Viewer
Embedded Video Viewer


Device Information Device Information v1.1

All you need to know about your Android system and more!


Incognitus - Private Browser & Downloader Incognitus - Private Browser & Downloader v1.2.0

Incognitus - browse and download videos and photos in a private way.


OfflineWeb OfflineWeb v1.9

We can save entire web page to sd-card for offline reading
Web sites from social media can be accessed and saved to sd-card for offline reading.
We can search our saved web file easily with tag input.


DS Privacy Safebox DS Privacy Safebox v3.8

Help you to keep privacy information!


Tomi File Manager Tomi File Manager v1.4.2

Featured file manager, manage your own music, pictures, videos, documents, downloads and applications easily and high efficiently
Tomi File Manager focuses on providing simple and fast management solution for YOUR OWN files on mobile devices. You can easily list, search, locate, and operate files with simple taps. Sorting music, pictures, videos, downloads, and installed applications into intuitive categories, and making you feel no worry to where the physical file located.


Upload 2 NAS Lite Upload 2 NAS Lite v1.5.4

Do you love the auto focus camera and video recording but need a way to automatically save to your NAS?

This program will check once a day, in the background, for new pictures and videos to send/ftp to your NAS.
Can also configure periodic cleanup of old uploaded files from sdcard.


SmartSitePreview SmartSitePreview v1.0

Smart Site Preview


Vybe Vybe v1.6

Create, Assign and Feel it.


UNIT UNIT v13.2.6

SI Units Converter for Clinical Data

This App provides factors for converting conventional units to SI units for selected clinical data. Source: JAMA Author Instructions.


to convert from the conventional unit to the SI unit, multiply by the conversion factor;
to convert from the SI unit to the conventional unit, divide by the conversion factor.