European Jazz Radio European Jazz Radio v1.35

The Ultimate Euro Jazz Radio App


Brazilian Jazz Radio Brazilian Jazz Radio v1.35

The Ultimate Brazilian Jazz Radio App


Bebop Jazz Radio Bebop Jazz Radio v1.35

The Ultimate Bebop Jazz Radio App


Avant Garde Jazz Radio Avant Garde Jazz Radio v1.35

The Ultimate Avant Garde Jazz Radio App


Merengue Radio Merengue Radio v1.35

The Ultimate Merengue Radio App


Cumbia Radio Cumbia Radio v1.35

The Ultimate Cumbia Radio App


Latin Hip Hop Radio Latin Hip Hop Radio v1.37

The Ultimate Latin Hip Hop Radio App


Fretter Fretter v2.3

The smartest guitar, banjo, ukulele chordfinder there is!


KeyChord KeyChord v2.18

The dynamic dictionary/reference app for piano chords and scales!


ModesScalesArpeggioPro ModesScalesArpeggioPro v1.7

Expand your Lick Library. Add Flavor and Emotion to your Playing. Learn Modes, Scales and Arpeggios Easily. Display Major Modes, Common Scales and Arpeggios in Any Key. All at your Finger Tips. This Pro version includes 28 additional Exotic Scales.


Master Sweeper Master Sweeper v1.1

Develop a terrifying sweep picking technique with videos, tabs and a routine


Score Creator Score Creator v1.4.3

Notation, composition & songwriting app for composing sheet music on the go.


Bachata Radio Bachata Radio v1.35

The Ultimate Bachata Radio App


Vallenato Radio Vallenato Radio v1.35

The Ultimate Vallenato Radio App


Metronome Metronome v1.0

Clean user interface with powerful functions.

- Multiple meters & beats modes supported;
- Easy tempo & volume controller;
- Visual & audible usages for practice;

Pick up your instrument and play it now.


Meddia Meddia v1.0

1. Listen songs anywhere anytime according to your choice
2. At a time you can listen and make a notes
3. Save the notes
4. save unlimited songs and unlimited music notes
5. Sometime you want listening the songs you can listen ,sometime you want to read a lyrics ,you can open your notes and read it.


BegNoteTrainerBass BegNoteTrainerBass v1.87

" Simple but a Super App!"

Beginner Reading Music: Bass is an app that lets you practice reading sheet music on your phone. It is very simple to use and is perfect for when you have a few moments to kill and you want to learn how to read sheet music fluently.


LightStep Pro LightStep Pro v1.02

A grid of cells that play a tone in sequence - similar to a tenori-on


Rhythm Creator Rhythm Creator v1.012s

create your rhythm and play it.


Spectrum Analyzer2s Spectrum Analyzer2s v1.2

Voice grade spectrum analyzer full screen for android.