Word Mastermind Word Mastermind v1.3

Can you break the code?


Word Athletics Word Athletics v1.2.0

You can compete against the world or just use this game as a training exercise for to expand your word-knowlegde..


NumberZ NumberZ v2.1


Select adjacent tiles with the same colour to match the numbers below the field! Try to collect as many coins as possible in one turn! Collected coins are are added to your total: use them to unlock upgrades!


WordSlide WordSlide v1.31

Play WordSlide, the addictive, fast-paced word game. Slide letter tiles anywhere on the screen to make words. Make at least 5 words before time runs out to reach the next level. Try it, and you’ll be hooked!


Tux Words Tux Words v2.1.1

Play with Words
This is a guess-the-word game inspired by the Dutch gameshow 'Lingo' (as in: Letter-Bingo)
If you like wordfeud, you might also like this game.


Worbble Worbble v2.1

Worbble, a fun word game along with a fascinating quiz mode to challenge yourself.


Words From Word Words From Word v0.6

How many words do you know?


Word Peril Free Word Peril Free v1.9

• Hangman with a twist!
• Ad-supported
• Hundreds of word puzzles
• Global leaderboards - compete against your friends
• Challenging but takes only seconds to learn


Word Drift Word Drift v1.8.19

Word Drift is a fast-paced, modern word puzzle game that lets you move letters around to form words that you know. Never get stuck again.

Discover and collect the hidden notes, trigger the combo by forming long words, setup the bombs and set off the chain-reaction to reach the word that can't be reached otherwise.


4WORD4 Free 4WORD4 Free v1.2

4WORD4 is a fun, addictive word game. Create words in a 4x4 grid of letters to score points and advance to the next level.


Need for Words Need for Words v1

Need for Words is a "What's the word" game with 4 unique game types.


Words Pyramid Words Pyramid v2.5.0

The goal of the game is to unravel the 8 words.
The first word consists of 10 letters, the second - of 9 letters, the last - of the three letters.
In one move, you can try to guess one letter or word entirely.
The fewer moves made, the better.


Wordoogle Wordoogle v1.0.1

Word search game that is very simple to learn and has 5 different and fun word finding game modes to play!


Egyptian Pyramids Egyptian Pyramids v1.5.0

The goal of the game is to open as many pyramids as possible. Each pyramid contains 8 words.
The first word contains 10 letters, the second one contains 9 letters, the last one contains 3 letters.
While making a step, one can guess a letter or the whole word. At the beginning of the game you have 100 steps.
If you select wrong letter or enter wrong word you lose one step. When the current word is opened you get three
additional steps.
The more pyramids opened - the better.


Word Search Fun Deluxe Word Search Fun Deluxe v3.31

Word Search Fun Deluxe is the perfect way to pass the time.
A classic word puzzle game that is fun and addictive!
Enjoy an unlimited number of hidden word searches,
randomly generated from a list of over 22,000 words!

- Multiplayer Feature!
- Colorful!
- Multiple Categories!
- Customizable Backgrounds!
- Different Font Colors!
- Best Times List!
- Over 22,000 Words!
- 12 x 12 Playing Grid!
- AD FREE (No ads)!
- Achievements & Leaderboards


impiccato impiccato v1.0.8

Cruciverba educativo e divertente.


Scrabble Expert Scrabble Expert v1.9.0

Scrabble Expert is an anagram tool for word games such as Scrabble, Wordfeud, WordSmith or Words With Friends.


What's the Pic What's the Pic v1.03

What's the Pic is the new successor to the hit game 4 Pic 1 Word.


Riddle Me This Riddle Me This v7.0.0

Keep your brain ticking over with these head scratching riddles!

- Over 300 clever riddles to solve (more coming soon)
- A fun NEW hint system so that you don't get stuck too long
- Facebook sharing!
- Create, edit and share your own riddles with other Riddle Me This users!
- Star your favourite riddles so you can remember them and tell to your friends!
- A timer to keep track of how long you've been stuck on each riddle and for bonus points

Solve all these brain teasers today!


Word Search Perfected Word Search Perfected v3.7.03

Word search puzzles have been perfected! Find more words in each free word search puzzle than you would ever have believed possible.