NightofBear NightofBear v1.0.2

beat em up, kill em all, get revenge, get your sons back, BE A BEAR


Cold Cash Cold Cash v1.0.0

Cold Cash (4 Reel Slot Machine) features up to 5 credits per line (up to 7 lines) in play and a bonus 5th reel multiplier! Any 3 bonus symbols on a paid line triggers one of two bonus games. Don’t you hate when you miss the symbol by one line? Bonus 5th reel multiplier activates on any 3 scattered bonus symbols!! You CANT miss!! Work your way up to thousands of credits to win all of the 24 trophy achievements and purchase all 10 items in the gift shop. Reel cash, real fun!


Don't Get Cut! Don't Get Cut! v1.0

Are your reflexes sharp enough to avoid being cut?


Math Operations Math Operations v1.0.0

"Math Operations 4 Kids" is our first puzzle game that will allow you to do brainstorming while solving classic math problems.

The game is unique and interesting in the sense that you will need to solve math equations using BODMAS rule with limited time period of 60 seconds. Faster you solve, more points you get. Game itself is very intuitive and allow users to learn from basic to complex math equations by just focusing more on equation rather than gameplay.


crush and destroy crush and destroy v1.0.35

Choose your monster and destroy a whole city.In this game you will be the master of your own monster. The army and other monsters will challenge you.


Senshi Senshi v1.0.1

The Ninja Warrior Senshi only has one day to sneak into the Himatsu Castle and rescue his beloved Akane.


Runic Rumble Runic Rumble v1.1

Explore the world of Amorra as Aki a Shaman, on a mission to unlock magical spells in this gesture based spell fighter. Choose your spells and strategy and battle through over 20 levels of story.


Pizza Panic Pizza Panic v1.0.0

Pizza Panic! Make it. Bake it. Serve it. You are given a loan to start your pizza business and a certain amount of time to pay it back before Mr. Bill Collector comes and takes his investment back; possibly by force. You start your business off with a cool $500 in cash money to make a few initial purchases, or just jump right on in the game and start cooking! Armed with 3 different toppings and 2 ovens to start, all you need now is customers.


Zombie Chase Zombie Chase v1.0.5

The Good, the Bad and a Zombie Attack! As Chief Cowboy you have to protect your town and DESTROY THE ZOMBIES! Use the various weapons you find in the chase to take down those pesky lifeless folk. It’s time to chase some zombies!


Mighty Dungeons Mighty Dungeons v1.8.0

✮ Enjoy this fan-made crossover between old-school boardgames Heroquest, Warhammer Quests and oldies games Diablo and Dungeon Master

✮ Wander evil-packed dungeons and battle golems, demons and other soul-less creatures with dozen of hours of gameplay through 3 campaigns, 6 heroes, a plethora of weapons, armors, potions and magic spells at your disposal

✮ Loyal to its boardgame roots, visit to submit creatures, quests and complete boards and make this game your own


Pixel Run Pixel Run v1.0

Pixel Run is an addictive and challenging side scrolling running game with pixel character base.


Smash Kill Smash Kill v1.0.1

Play as a tortoise climbing up and down on three trees.


Tap the balloons - for kids Tap the balloons - for kids v1.0.1

A fun game for kids from 1 to 100 years.


Pirates Vs Ninjas Pirates Vs Ninjas v1.1

Finally end the debate on who would win in a fignt Pirate or Ninja!


Dark Winds Dark Winds v1.0

Defend against the dark forces while trying to keep your balance.


Boxick Boxick v1.0

Boxick puzzle game - Enclose as many boxes as possible by clicking the lines between them.


Space Wars Space Wars v3.5.0

Wars in star:Fly through the space and destroy waves of attacking aliens!


Holi Holi v1.3

First ever Holi game where you have all the ingredients available. Play the game and paint the canvas with colors.


Forgotten Dungeon Forgotten Dungeon v1.2

Forgotten Dungeon is an addictive hack-and-slash action RPG in the vein of Diablo.
Slay skeletons, zombies, and other monsters as you explore dungeons.
You will gain experience for each kill, and sometimes, enemies will drop items.
When you level up, you can upgrade your strength, dexterity, intelligence, vitality, and spells.
Increase your attack/damage and defense by equipping yourself with better weapons and armor.


Karate Panda Karate Panda v1.0.2

Nothing will stop Pandа, who owns karate!