DragonScales 2 DragonScales 2 v1.0

Play dragon scales on a board to form combinations of the same color! Solve more than 150 levels, including rampant match-3 duels!


Molus Gems Party Molus Gems Party v1.0.2

Come visit the stirring tavern to play with Molus Gems.
Play with your friends and family on one device.
Simple rules even for 3-year-olds.
The perfect game for any event and meeting with friends.
Put your pattern together before others do it.


Snakes and Ladders Aquarium Snakes and Ladders Aquarium v1.5

Check out this brand new version of the most popular board and dice game Snakes and Ladders


Talisman Prologue HD Talisman Prologue HD v1.0.5527

30 years young, the prologue to the seminal fantasy adventure board game now available!


Kirax Kirax v2.0.7

KIRAX - an entertaining puzzle challenge


Clash Clash v1.01

Based on russian table game "battle checkers" (rules are similar to Battle pool games), you can play versus AI or versus your friend. Multiple campaign missions and 4 field for instant game, enjoy it!


Arrangit Arrangit v1.0

The name is derived from Arrange and It. This is game 3x3 board that require deep thought and patient to solve the puzzle. Are you fast enough? Try it now.


Napo Chess Napo Chess v0.8.4.1

Play chess against your android device or with your friends! Choose your favourite view, 2D or 3D. Featuring an advanced AI engine, Napo will bring you hours of fun.


Math Clash (No ads) Math Clash (No ads) v1.1

Math Clash is fun and addictive math game. Play through a total of 80 levels of Puzzle mode and Marathon mode. This version is free of ads.


Tsoro Pro Tsoro Pro v3.4.15

Tsoro -brought to you for the first time on Android.
Tsoro is an ancient two-player mathematical strategy board game that has been played for over a thousand years. It has its root in Zimbabwe. Tsoro belongs to the same class of African strategy board games such as Oware, Mancala, Bao, and Kalah.


SpinCells SpinCells v1.5

Playing SpinCells is easy. Each player places a cube in his turn, and if enemy cubes are trapped between the cube placed and another of the same color, those are captured and change color. Cubes can be captured in several directions at once. The player who gets the most cubes when the board is full wins the game.

You can play in anaglyph - stereoscopic render mode, to play with red-cyan glasses. A real 3D experience.


Pişti Pişti v1.0

Pişti is played with a standard 52 card deck, each player receives 4 cards. The dealer deals the top three cards face down and one card face-up to the centre of the table.


King King v1.0

King is played with a standard 52 card deck, the card deck is randomly dealt and each player receives 13 cards. The game is played by 4 players. The game is always played clockwise.
The players can play any card from their pile, if suit is the same. Who had got cards he have an opportunity to make a next play. The aim of the game is taking less points.


Adrenaline Skater Adrenaline Skater v1.0

Got the need for speed?
Are you the competitive type looking for an adventure and adrenaline full challenge? This is it!
Are you ready for the most amazing stunts?
Accelerate your skating board for an amazing game with three different and challenging worlds.


Fruit Rush Fruit Rush v1.8

Now you can play this classic thrilling board game on your Android Phone or Tablet.
Throw in fruits at the top of the board and watch them slide. You then collect the fruits that drop out at the bottom.
So plan your move .... look out below ... one fruit can trigger an avalanche!


Summoner Summoner v1.2.1

Summon creatures from 7 elements to battle on a chess board in this turn-based strategy game.

Choose two elements (Fire, Water, Stone, Air, Nature, Sacred, or Death), each with a unique set of summonable screatures, and battle with or against friends and computer opponents. Summon creatures to the board, move them, and use them to attack your opponents' creatures; when no opposing creatures remain, you can attack your opponents directly.


Sudoku Sudoku v1.0

Everyone loves a game of Sudoku. Enjoy a game on your Android phone with some soothing background music. Your game will automatically be saved for you to come back to later. The game allows you to turn hints on or off. With hints on, squares with fewer numbers allowed will be highlighted with different colors and invalid inputs will not be allowed.

There are 5 difficulty levels and over 5,000 different boards to play so get started quickly!


Gravity Wins Pro Gravity Wins Pro v1.4

Andlabs is bringing a classic game to Android - spiced up with a gravity twist and no ads


ai Spy ai Spy v3

Based on the classic 'I spy with my little eye..' game, your aim is to guess what the ai picks from the image.

The game consists of 5 scenes (more available in the Premium version), each scene has multiple points which can be picked out by the ai.

Great fun when you have a couple of minutes to spare.


Numerix Tournament Numerix Tournament v1.4

Numerix: Ad-Free and Enhanced!

In the Tournament Edition of Numerix, the game reaches new heights. We've kept the challenging AI from Lite Edition, and added 9-counter mode for longer, more strategic games along with new Wireless and Bluetooth multiplayer modes. Play against your friends, instantly!