My Piano My Piano v3.7

The best virtual Piano for Android™


7digital 7digital v6.59.209

Search over 40 million songs, discover, buy, sync and listen to music anywhere.


Freegal Music Freegal Music v2.2

Free and legal music from your local library.


DJ Control DJ Control v2.7

Wireless MIDI controller for your favorite DJ application.


My Guitar My Guitar v2.1

The best virtual guitar simulation for Android™


Bottle Xylophone Bottle Xylophone v1.0

Always wanted to play a bottle xylophone? Never had the motivation to build one yourself?

Now you don't have to: Bottle Xylophone brings the fun of playing music on bottles filled with water to your Android device!


Peter Music Mp3 Downloader Peter Music Mp3 Downloader v3.4

Peter Music Mp3 Downloader - Through this app you can search popular songs, mp3 music you like !


Wireless Mixer Wireless Mixer v2.1

Wireless MIDI mixer controller for your music application or DAW.


Music Folder Player Free Music Folder Player Free v2.4.0

Music Folder Player is an alternative music player.


KidsPiano KidsPiano v1.0.11

Learn how to play and sing popular melodies on Android Phone :-D

Application will guide you through which keys to hit and what to sing. Just look at the screenshots to get the LOOK and FEEL.

Choose one of the songs below and start practicing today.
- Mary had a little lamb
- London bridge is falling down
- Old McDonald had a farm
- Happy Birthday to You
- A-B-C song (the Alphabet song)
- Twinkle, twinkle little star
- Oh my darling, Clementine
- Eensy Weensy Spider
- Brother John


Mini Piano Lite Mini Piano Lite v3.4

Multitouch virtual Mini Piano with beautiful sampled piano and also 128 different midi sounds.

Zoom support: dynamically change the amount of keys visible on screen.

Learn to play songs, or record your own!


My Bass My Bass v1.6

Best virtual bass guitar simulation for Android™
Play bass guitar on your device like on a real bass guitar!


Mini Karaoke Mini Karaoke v1.15

This is the first Karaoke player in the mobile world. With her you can sing Karaoke songs in your android phone, with the only requirement that you have the mp3 files.
Our slogan is sing karaoke anytime anywhere. You need not search through webs for the special KTV song formats, nor search the lyrics. Mini Karaoke will settle everything for you.


VKPlayer VKPlayer vrev. 7

VKPlayer - audio streaming player


Virtual Guitar Virtual Guitar v1.4.6

Virtual Guitar for Android. Turn your Android phone into a guitar and guitar will always be with you


HipHop Radio Pro HipHop Radio Pro v1.1

HipHop Radio Pro on Android Devices.


Best Songs of 2011 Best Songs of 2011 v2.0

This app provides a list of most popular songs for 2011. See artist and song title. Tap on the info icon to read all about the song. Tap on the chat icon to discuss this song and artist with other folks. Tap on the screen icon to watch ralated videos of this song, such as music vidoes, parodies, and interviews. Tap the arrow icon to see related merchandise for the song, browse other songs in the album, and find other song titles by the artist.


Hip Hop Radio Hip Hop Radio v1.0.3

Are you a fan of Hip Hop / R&B / Urban / Rap / POP, you sure will fall in love with this application. The App. plays songs available on the internet from the above categories.


Magic Piano Magic Piano v2.6

Magic Piano is the best Multitouch Piano for android. It is equipped with 6 Full Octaves, recording and music playing features, beautiful animations, piano skins and tons of other features


Dance Music Radio Dance Music Radio v1.2

Recently Added in the new version are:

● Plays only English Version
● Song title of the current song being played.
● Provides information(wikipedia) on the Artist whose song is being played.
● Provides Application Background Image change option to suit the users mood.
● Provides System(Phone) Background image change option to set wallpaper.

A must have!!

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