DogWorld 3D DogWorld 3D v1.1.83

The sweetest animal playing app "DogWorld 3D: My Puppy" for all big and small children who always dream of having a dog. The cute little Dalmatian baby puppy is waiting for you to play with him. This dog is a true companion: you can take him anywhere and everywhere with you.


Baby Phone Baby Phone v0.0.0.004

Toy Phone for Babies on your Smartphone.


Scrolling Text Display Scrolling Text Display v1.0

Scroll a message across the screen in big letters. Can customise the size, speed, colour of text, background colour and text decorations.


Kill Number Kill Number v1.0.1

It is a game to have some fun with numbers. You must be quick with your fingers to get the highest score possible


Back to life 2 Back to life 2 v2.0

The story…
The adventure of little beneficial cell continues.
As in the first chapter of his journey, the small cell will have to come back to life a part of the organic tissue in which it floats, but this time the method used is very different.


Small mole Small mole v1.0.6

Small Mole


Mining Game Clock Eclair Mining Game Clock Eclair v1.02o

Real sunrise/sunset clock based a clock item from one popular sandbox block mining/construction game. Eclair - Honeycomb version.


Burn Out Brake Fail Cheats Burn Out Brake Fail Cheats v1.0

Burn Out Brake Fail Cheats to make you Champion!


Bead Template Creator Premium Bead Template Creator Premium v1.1.1

Create bead images from your digital pictures!


Bead Template Creator Free Bead Template Creator Free v1.1.2

Create bead images from your digital photos!


Tic Tac Toe Pirate Edition Tic Tac Toe Pirate Edition v1.1

This application features the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game.


Wheel of Fate Wheel of Fate v1.4.0

This game is based on the TV-Show Wheel of Fortune.

Spin the wheel to get a high amount of cash. Guess consonants or buy vowels to solve the words on the wall. If you are right and solve it, you'll get a bonus of 500€.

Play up to 3 players with or against the AI.

Who has the most money at the end of the game, is the winner!

Have fun :)


Gravity Run: Spartan Gravity Run: Spartan v32.0

Ever wanted to take control of a Spartan soldier? Time has come to prove if you are worth it, run, jump and slide through mystery castles, throne rooms, dungeons and crypt bridges. All of that deep linked into post world war climate. Insanely addictive soundtrack and stunning graphics, will rock your phone and tablet.


Burger Burger v1.0.11

A burger-serving game is coming now for your best enjoyment in a free version with the Magma Mobile’s touch!
You are hired in a chain restaurant to serve clients as fast as possible to earn money and even tips for yourself. Take orders from your customers and make a recipe among sandwiches, garnishes, desserts and sodas. The more you will play, the more ingredients will appear in the fast-food!


Balloon Shooter Balloon Shooter v1.1

Shoot zombie balloons before they fly away!


Pool Solitaire Pool Solitaire v1.01

Pool Solitaire is a single-player billiards pool game where you earn points by clearing the table, 8 ball last, with speed, skill and your ability to shoot combo shots.


The Week Of The Cricket The Week Of The Cricket v2.10.0

♥ "A Week With Slim Cricket" A serie of original mini-games for children!♥


The Week Of The Cricket The Week Of The Cricket v2.11.0

Discover the world of Slim Cricket through a series of mini-games: original games, classics or revisited, everybody will find what they like.


Matcher Matcher v1.1.1

If you want to come to a decision in arguable situation - just pull a match with Matcher.


Neverending Motion - Full Darkness Neverending Motion - Full Darkness v1.1

Full darkness is an action game based on physics.

The aim of the game is to guide the little spaceship to take bonuses scattered on each level.

To move the spacecraft is necessary to insert the magnets that have an attractive force that lasts 1 second.