Spin Da Wheel Spin Da Wheel v1.12

"Spin The Wheel". Just put your options and let the wheel decide for you. Be it a simple truth or dare game or deciding what to eat, or where to go. 10k+ monthly downloads in iOS store.


Swipe Swipe v2

Swipe the arrows in different random directions, beat your high score and climb the score board.


Aquarium Sim Aquarium Sim v1.1.8

Aquarium Sim is an interactive virtual Aquarium for your phone & tablet. Sit back, relax and enjoy a variety of marine & freshwater fish swimming about in a colorful coral reef habitat. Setup your aquarium by choosing from 82 fish and 9 environments or design your own custom Aquarium. Interact with your pets by taping on the glass and feeding them.


Simon Says Follow me Simon Says Follow me v2.1

Train your memories with Simon Says Game!

Simon game is a game where you have to remember the color order that comes out and then tap it back in the correct order
This game is fun, but also have abilities train our brain memory to become stronger by remembering each order that comes either by button's light or by the sound.

Enjoy! :)

All feedback to improve the game is appreciated ^^


eWeapons™ Ultimate Weapon Simulator eWeapons™ Ultimate Weapon Simulator v1.1.3 SLideMe

Start your journey through the world of weapons with eWeapons™ Ultimate Weapon Simulator. With this gun simulator you will have the best modified simulations of some of the most famous weapons. Pistols and rifles, machine gun and shotgun are ready, you only need to download eWeapons™ Ultimate Weapon Simulator and that's it


Felipe Femur Postcards Felipe Femur Postcards v1.0.2

Felipe Femur is on a road trip with some of his monstrous best friends.


Felipe Femur and Friends Felipe Femur and Friends v1.0.16

Unearth amusing new friends, activities, and games in Felipe Femur & Friends.


I-Racer advanced I-Racer advanced v5.15M build 20180504

Advanced remote control for the I-Racer android car & Arduino DIY rover


know yourself know yourself v1.0.0

Know yourself from inside and through others through this personality test.


DogWorld 3D DogWorld 3D v1.1.83

The sweetest animal playing app "DogWorld 3D: My Puppy" for all big and small children who always dream of having a dog. The cute little Dalmatian baby puppy is waiting for you to play with him. This dog is a true companion: you can take him anywhere and everywhere with you.


Game Server Manager Game Server Manager v2.0

View and manage you favorite game servers.


Fruit Ball 3D Fruit Ball 3D v1.0.8

Fruit ball 3D, high quality ball physics and immersive 3D gameplay.


Dodge Ball Pro Dodge Ball Pro v1.0

Guide a ball forward avoiding any sort of collision.


Baby Phone Baby Phone v0.0.0.004

Toy Phone for Babies on your Smartphone.


Plate Tags Plate Tags v1.2

Track cars in your neighborhood or have fun on a long trip


Banana Paddle Banana Paddle v1.0.1

Flap your paddle, pick up some bananas!


RecipeCraft RecipeCraft v1.5

RecipeCraft - The FREE Minecraft helper app


FireWork Show FireWork Show v1.1.25

Create your own Firework Show!


Cartoon Flip Garden Cartoon Flip Garden v2.1

Cartoon Flip Garden is an IQ test card type puzzle game.


RefleXaction RefleXaction v1.1

8 mini-games that test your reflexes, reactions, speed and accuracy.
Try to get 3 stars on all the various challenges.