FillUp FillUp v2.0

A great game for kids to enhance their logical thinking skills.


Baby app 101 Baby app 101 v1.4

How to care for your baby in facetious humor. Play this with a loved one. This puzzle is designed for teenagers and children to teach them how to care for a baby. It is never too early to learn how to care for a baby.


ScareApp Lite ScareApp Lite v1.6

This is the best scare your friends scare app on the market because of the many many features it comes with...FOR FREE!!! Note: if you have a front facing camera, then why not try our other free app, "Scare App - Video Recorder"


Kids Memory Kids Memory v1.0.10

A memory game for kids with animals.

Objective is to find all matching cards. Tap two cards and check if they match. If they do search for another pair until you will get all of them. Be quick as each second counts.

This application is meant to develop your children.


T3 T3 v5.0

Play this classic game with your friend via Bluetooth connection.


Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe v1.1

Nice looking standart Tic Tac Toe game for two players.


Solitaire Plus Solitaire Plus v5.24

The classic Solitaire game offers a multi-pack of card games that will provide hours of fun. Solitaire Plus includes Solitaire, Free Cell, Forty Thieves, and Spider. This Solitaire experience is unrivaled in clarity and quality of play. Take Solitaire Plus for a spin, and see the difference!


ChineseChess ChineseChess v5.2.5

It provides players with an undo function.
Players will get to see a photo of a pretty girl if they can beat the computer.


hYperBlocks hYperBlocks v1.0

Dynamic game with a simple objective to put off the screen the green blocks.
Be carefull, have explosive blocks, runner blocks and rubber blocks, that can help or not.
Fun and challenge is the main features of the game.


Pong Ressurection Pong Ressurection v0.1.5

Go back to ancient times with this game! Get back to the time when Atari, MSX and Commodore 64 was cool!! This game really takes you back to the old school basics of gaming!! The one and only PONG!!! Enjoy!!


Zo Dart No Ads Zo Dart No Ads v1.0

This is a real dart game with many challenger that the user take a dart from the shelf. The velocity of dart depends on the throwing force. Which player scores down to 0 first will win. To score down to 0, players have to throw into the double position. In each turn, if the remained point of the player is lower than 2, that turn is considered as “Bust”.


Bug Fry Bug Fry v3.0

Kill all the bugs within the given period of time.


Zepto Tanks Zepto Tanks v1.1.8

Online Multi-Player Tank Combat. Play against your friends from around the world.

You need a speedy connection to have fun.

Buy the paid version for less adverts.


Zepto Wars Zepto Wars v1.1.8

Robots versus humans in this real time strategy game. Use waypoints for resource collection and attacking. Build structures for better units and upgrades.


What's the song? What's the song? v1.0

Guess the title of the song that's playing.
Challenge yourself with over 4,000 songs.
Post your scores online and try to make the top 10 list.


Baby Fun Songs Baby Fun Songs v1.0.1

A superb mind brain & puzzel app for you now. You have Palm picture slide view. You need to slid with accuracy can slide it and can win game.
App having integration with Facebook and Twitter also.Enjoy it.



These girls take flexible to a whole - nutha - lebal! Not for the faint of heart. This wallpaper is not for the squimesh.


Dots And Lines Dots And Lines v1.0

Dots : Lines alias U : Me is a fun game which allows you to join lines and acquire squares in your name (U).


Color-Line Color-Line v20110617

This is a classic desktop game.


Lines Lines v3.2.3

'Lines' - a classic puzzle game, now on Android.