Jump Boy Jump Jump Boy Jump v1.0.1

Jump Boy Jump is a new platform game with Cute Graphics and Addictive Game Play


Super Ancient Super Ancient v1.0.2

Welcome to the ancient world !!


Splatzy: Orange Rush Splatzy: Orange Rush v1.1

Splatzy : Orange Rush is a simple maze like puzzle game where you have to guide our little friends out of the factory and prevent them from being turning into orange juice!


Star Hunter Star Hunter v1.0

Star Hunter is a fun and addictive infinite runner! You have to hunt the gold, silver and bronze stars to increase your score. Unlock the 8 beatiful scenes!


Floppy Frog Floppy Frog v1.0.3

From the makers of 'Flapping Bird'. How high can Floppy Frog climb? Super-addictive and super-fun.


deadpixels deadpixels v1.0

Dead Pixels alpha version for android.


Booffland Booffland v1.0

Jump, run, smash and have a good time in the Booffland!


Ritle Ritle v1.0

Ritle is a small runner game, start running, avoid obstacles and survive!


Zombie unleashed Zombie unleashed v1

Zombie Unleashed
Objective of the games is to protect the people of village from the attack of zombie

zombie are coming to your village prevent them form entering your village and eat your people
How to play
Tap on the zombie to make it bleed and destroy them
The faster you hit them the more your chance of killing them


Sheeppy Sheeppy v1.0.1

Lead a sheep to the wolfs den, to taste the revenge on wolves.


Bubble Blast Adventure Bubble Blast Adventure v1.0.2

Come discover the fabulous world your favorite Bubble Blast live in!

Bubble Blast Adventure is an exciting Platformer where you must race through the levels collecting special items and defeating the evil Bubble Square Tribe.


Catch a Note - Family - Free Catch a Note - Family - Free v1.0.4

Platform game with the heart in your throat and the feeling of being pursued.


Retro Jumper Retro Jumper v1.0

Retro Jumper is worth the time to enjoy.


Devils Cauldron Devils Cauldron v1.0.1

DevilsCauldron is an original platform game, your mission is to try not to fall into the fire of Alvern satanic.


Little Adventure Little Adventure v1.01

Classic Platformer in colorful world with HD Graphics.


RUN! RUN! v1.0.1

Simple runner, where you should pick up pearls.


Ninja-Zombie Ninja-Zombie v1.2.0

Help Ninja-Zombie to set free Pandas that cunning Vampire-Samurais have captured


BitRunner BitRunner v1.0

Tiny and fun pixel art endless runner!


15min Max 15min Max v1.0

15 min Max is the ultime game to prove your actual gaming talent. No time to practice. No endless hours of griding to get the highest score. And most importantly, no friends who spend way more time than you.


Torkven Torkven v1.5

The main character (Torkvinu) must save the planet from evil angry. He will be the hardest journey. On the way super hero waiting for a lot of plant mutants, monsters - robots, mutant frogs and traitors Kilkritery. Torkvina face deadly battles with terrifying commanders of the forces of evil and the power that destroys his country and innocent people!