Twisted Flowers Twisted Flowers v1.1.1

This 3-match Jewels-like game created for relax and immerse you in the Summer!
Classic gameplay with two game-modes - classic and time. You can beat leaderboard or just play without care about anything.
Very small battery consumption and undemanding to resources - play longer even on old devices!
Take Summer with you!


Artic Run 3D Artic Run 3D v1.0

It's hard to be penguin!

It was incredibly cold and not snowing, white bears around you wanting to snack and you're just looking for fish to feed you.

Enjoy this 3D game and get the highest amount of fish to the penguin Artie. Avoid bears and ice blocks can not re-label dress.

Download for free and enjoy this game for hours with your mobile What are you waiting?


Alex the Talking Squirrel Alex the Talking Squirrel v1.0

Alex, the talking squirrel will repeat everything you say in a funny way


Crazy Fruitz Crazy Fruitz v1.0.1

Free and fun casual game.


Gogoo Gogoo v1.0.8

Meet Gogoo - your very own fun, customizable pet monster! Feed him, dress him up and play with him on any Android device!


Bubble Breaker Bubble Breaker v1.0.1

Simple and addictive casual game. Find bubble groups and touch them to remove.

Have different game modes. Classic, infinite and time limited game mode available.


Weekend Getaway Makeover HD Weekend Getaway Makeover HD v1.0.0

Anybody up for a weekend getaway? Of course you are; who isn’t? But the question remains: what are you going to wear? What’s the right makeup? What are the right accessories? You have to wear something casual, but still beautiful. And in addition to all of this, what other preparations must you do in advance?
Now you can test all of the different possibilities for yourself with our cool new Weekend Getaway Makeover facial and dress-up game!


BrainTrainingNumberGame BrainTrainingNumberGame v1.3

Are you fast enough? Let's try it!


Candy and Jewels Candy and Jewels v1.23

Do you like match-3 games? If so I encourage you to play this! With super simple gameplay, intuitive controls, awesome combo system and gorgeous graphics this will keep you entertained for hours.


Coffee With The Girls Makeover HD Coffee With The Girls Makeover HD v1.0.0

Try out our new Coffee with the Girls makeover game and set yourself up for a beautiful day!


Talking Obama Meets Chuck Talking Obama Meets Chuck v1.0

Battle of the Titans!


Talking Arnold Talking Arnold v1

Hasta la vista, baby!


Talking 007 Talking 007 v1.1

Sexy, fearless and undefeated herois now in your hands and your only.


Tap the circle Tap the circle v2.0

Simple yet addictive game where you get to tap some circles


Monsters Monsters v13.7.1

Tap The Monster, play the game.
("Botte da Orbi" at Cervia Italy)


My Fairy Princess My Fairy Princess v1.3.3

A 3D dress up app where your character moves and dances in the outfit that you pick out for her!


Popalloonz! Popalloonz! v1.2

Pop the balloons: Popalloonz!


Spooky Mooky Spooky Mooky v3.0

Help release your friends from the evil spell which the haunted mansion cast turning them into monsters


Light Switch Light Switch v1.0.0

Are you up to the challenge to become the light switch champion? A simple 5 x 5 grid of lights, or is it? Tap a yellow light to turn it off, tap again to turn it back on. Each light tapped toggles the adjacent lights from on to off, or off to on, depending on its current state. Red bricks are unaffected by the switch.

Surge power ups can be used to auto-complete a level and earn a star. Level sections are unlocked as you earn stars.


deScribe deScribe v1.20

deScribe is half pictionary and half telephone.