Baby Magical Music Baby Magical Music v1.0

A great way to introduce your little one to music through play.


ASynth ASynth v2.2.1

Touch screen / accelerometer Synthesizer. Various instruments including sampler, harmonizer , touchpad / keyboard mode and adjustable effects. Use headphones for best results.


IceLyric IceLyric v2.0

Practice your karaoke with Ice Lyric. You can connect song and its lyric in super easy way.


Reproductor Melodiame Reproductor Melodiame v1.7.5

Music Player


Peter Music Mp3 Downloader Peter Music Mp3 Downloader v3.2

Through this app you can search songs / Mp3 / Lyrics.


Auto Volume Controller Auto Volume Controller v1.0

Turn your car's sound system into an intelligent sound system.
Auto Volume Control Pro will automatically adjust the volume of the mobile device, based on the speed you are driving.


Radio Costa Rica Radio Costa Rica v1.1

The best music stations of Costa Rica in one place.


WeAreOne Player WeAreOne Player v111

This is an inofficial app for the internet radio group We aRe oNe. With this app you're able to listen to TechnoBase.FM, HouseTime.FM, TranceBase.FM, ClubTime.FM, HardBase.FM and CoreTime.FM. This app also provides additional information for each station like the current track, current DJ, current show, a tracklist of played songs and a showplan for future and past shows. Additionally you can record songs or the whole show! There is no limit in recording length.


Online Internet Radio Online Internet Radio v1.0

Online Internet Radio let's you listen to the world’s radio with music, sports, events, live news, talk, and comedy streaming from every continent in the world. Enjoy thousands of live radio stations and millions of podcasts, concerts or shows on your Android phone or tablet, all for free. If you think we are missing a good radio in our app, let us know, we will add it!


Slide 2 Record Slide 2 Record v1.0.12

Just Slide 2 Record!

Uncompressed high quality recordings in WAV format.

A wide range of samplerates .

(48 kHz, 44,1 kHz, 32 kHz, 22 kHz, 16 kHz, 11 kHz, 8 kHz)


Fitness Radio Fitness Radio v1.0

Slovenian Fitness Radio stream.


My Love Radio My Love Radio v1.0.1

My Love Radio Official Apps


Real Guitar Real Guitar v1.9.5

Real Guitar is one of the most realistic guitar simulator apps featuring a user-friendly interface and an awesome sound quality.


Sonata Sonata v1.3

Sonata is a never before seen musical software that allow reharmonize piano scores automatically.
The software convert any midi file to piano score and after you choose among some reharmonization techniques to reharmonize it. You can export your piano scores as midi or pdf too.


Songbook Manager Songbook Manager v1.1.23

Small app that manages TKaraoke songbook catalog. It can even queue up the songs on TKaraoke software if a VNC is server is installed on the PC side.


Guitar Jump Start Free Guitar Jump Start Free v1.21

Did you ever wanted to play electric guitar or need to re-energize your playing skills? Guitar Jumpstart 3D is an innovative application that teaches guitar lessons and also provides tools for both beginners and the more advanced players, like its fretboard tool which allows you to draw, play and share fretboard patterns. It's 3D user interface helps you visualize the patterns in a realistic way from different perspectives, as you you would see it on a real guitar.


CloudAmpz FREE CloudAmpz FREE v1.7.0

Stream your favorite music from cloud storage to your mobile or chromecast device.


Guitar chords and tabs PRO Guitar chords and tabs PRO v1.7.4

Guitar chords and tabs is Android mobile application to find and view more than 500.000 chords or tabs from
hundreds of artists.


Cat Piano Cat Piano v3.5.0

Piano keyboard that plays cat sounds.
Shake the device to change sound.


DrumCloud DrumCloud v1.1.4

Drum Cloud is an free audio app that hybrids between a drum machine (sampler) and a simple sequencer.