Oceanic Prog Side A Oceanic Prog Side A v1.0

Oceanic Prog (Full Progressive Rock Music Album)


MPDMan MPDMan v1.0.5

MPDMan is a full featured, no-compromise Android client for MPD (Music Player Daemon).


SB Player SB Player v1.1.8

SqueezeBox(TM) on Android


NexGen Player NexGen Player v1.0

A free music player with all features in one package


Bongo Drums HD Bongo Drums HD v1.5

Enjoy the amazing experience of playing this multitouch bongos simulator.


Power Guitar HD Power Guitar HD v1.9

The definitive rock and heavy metal electric guitar simulator. Easy-use, HD images, studio sounds


Drum Solo HD Drum Solo HD v2.7

Drum Solo HD. The best Rock and Heavy Metal drum kit simulator on Android.


Piano Solo HD Piano Solo HD v1.3

Piano Solo HD: The best piano sounds on Android.


Tap Metronome Tap Metronome v3.4

The most accurate metronome in the market. Powerful and easy to use.


Mediall Mediall v1.0

• Mediall a Music Player for Android smartphones and tablets.
• The app’s most important feature, Mediall can play videos as music.
• Mediall allows you to create music playlists from video files.


PureGuitarTuner PureGuitarTuner v1.05

For your choice proposed a very pure tuner for acoustic and bass guitar. Try it!


Notification Ringtone Maker Notification Ringtone Maker v1.1.0

Edit and create all the notification sounds and ringtones for your android device, and your messaging programs and favorite social networks, text to voice, voice changer or from your own music, enjoy it!


Metronome Metronome v1.1

Keep time with this 10 to 310 BPM metronome. Accelerando feature for gradually speeding up or slowing down. Accent or mute beats. Change beats per bar and beat note. Up to 9 sub beats. 3 different sounds.


Radio HoiChoi Radio HoiChoi v1.0

This application is all about listening an entertainment based radio station named “Radio HoiChoi” which is an Internet Radio station.


T-Rex Dinosaur Piano T-Rex Dinosaur Piano v1.0

Tap and hold these realistic 3D tyrannosaurus rexes and play roar music!


Magic Piano Magic Piano v2.4

Magic Piano is the best Multitouch Piano for android. It is equipped with 6 Full Octaves, recording and music playing features, beautiful animations, piano skins and tons of other features


Soda Pop Music Player Soda Pop Music Player v1.0.5

"Just wave your phone to change music...With sodapop music player things are as simple as that..."


Phone and Tablet Drums Phone and Tablet Drums v3.1.1

Phone and Tablet Drums is a simple drum machine app with a record and playback capability. Four drum sets and random sounds effects.


Baby Magical Music Baby Magical Music v1.0

A great way to introduce your little one to music through play.


ASynth ASynth v2.2.1

Touch screen / accelerometer Synthesizer. Various instruments including sampler, harmonizer , touchpad / keyboard mode and adjustable effects. Use headphones for best results.