Fun & Games

Algadon Algadon v1.03

Perform quests, battle other players and monsters, place bounties, and more in this free medieval/fantasy web RPG. Obtain weapons, armor, food, and potions to help advance your level and become stronger!


AntiBody2 Lite AntiBody2 Lite v1.2

Addictive 9 levels of increasing difficulty during which the player gets to use different power-ups randomly - armor or cellblock, extra strength or speed. Unlock new features every next phase. Compete with other players and see who shows the best timing. Time statistics available in the game menu and on the web site.


iCommando Lite iCommando Lite v1.1.0

The ultimate Android sniper game, features a rich storyline combined with a smooth, responsive gameplay control, intense combat action and stunning graphics. First mission only, buy IC now for the full story.


TorectSolution TorectSolution v1.0

Simple app to solve any Torect level.


Funny Lines Funny Lines v1.0.11

A new addictive logical game. It resembles the famous office game Lines, but both the new rules and new balls. You can play it in two versions (classic and arcade).


Make it 10 Make it 10 v1.0.1

Make it 10

It's an app for Android phones in witch you need to make the number 10 by operating with 4 numbers and 4 operations.


15n Puzzle 15n Puzzle v1.1.0

15n Puzzle is a classic sliding puzzle game. The goal of the puzzle arrange tiles in the order from 1 up to 15.


A Brief History of Rome A Brief History of Rome v1.2.2

Simple turn-based strategy game. The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire at the tip of your finger.


TriXOR Lite TriXOR Lite v1.10

Simple looking set like game will drive you crazy and ruin your life.


Block Shuffle Lite Block Shuffle Lite v1.0

Shuffle the stack to clear the blocks, then rebuild the android before darkfall.


Fourinarow Fourinarow v1.0

The classic 4 in a row game.
You can play against your android device on 3 levels of difficulty.


4 In A Line 4 In A Line v1.0

It is the classical connect four or four in a line game. This version is two player game but the version that you can play in single player mode will come soon.


XonixAttack XonixAttack v0.5.3

Move green xonix to cut the game field. The goal is 75%. Avoid red and white enemy xonixes. qix/jezzball-like arcade.

Use touchscreen, trackball or D-PAD to move xonix.


Call Girl Manager Call Girl Manager v0.7.8

This Game is in BETA. Mature Audiences only!
Location based game where you control your girls and get the money they make.


Fast Eight Fast Eight v1.1

Game developed for android platform
A new way of challenge yourself by playing the classic eight puzzle
- 3 Difficulty levels: Easy,Medium and Hard (20 Levels each)
- Sound effects
- Score list
- Global Ranking NEW!!!


Bell Rabbit Bell Rabbit v2.0

this game is super funny.The object of this game is to get the rabbit to bounce off the bells and keep moving height.It can be kinda hard.


Bell Rabbit Demo Bell Rabbit Demo v2.0

this game is super funny.The object of this game is to get the rabbit to bounce off the bells and keep moving height.It can be kinda hard.


Gem Miner: Dig Deeper Gem Miner: Dig Deeper v1.3.2

Explore a huge mine to find ores, metals and gems and make your fortune!


Heart Tukan Heart Tukan v1.0.1

Heart Tukan
Connect the rails to collect the hearts. Move the rail panel(s) by tapping like a slide puzzle.
Life points decrease constantly, and you lose more if the line to next panel is broken or if you get a skull.


Mini Android Defense Mini Android Defense vFull_2.3

Mini Android Defense version 2.1

+ Classic TD over 100 levels and 20++ unique creeps
+ Versus mode with Buildings(Research lab, Incubator, SupplyDepot...) each for different purposes.
+ Crop plantation, ( Hybrid of concepts from Farmville + TD)
+ MAD ONLINE ( Play versus mode with other players on the internet)
+ Sound

Demo version
+ Classic TD (40 levels)
+ Crop plantation, ( Hybrid of concepts from Farmville + TD)