Fun & Games

Gravity Wins Gravity Wins v2.04

Andlabs is bringing a classic game to Android - spiced up with a gravity twist.


Smart Kids Games LITE Smart Kids Games LITE v8.4

Learning game for children of all ages.
Juego de aprendizaje divertido para niños de todas las edades.


Fairy Cubes Fairy Cubes v1.9

Fairy Cubes is a 3D mahjong with a twist.

Fairy Cubes is a highly innovative and addictive 3D skill-based puzzle game. Combining outstanding levels, colorful graphics and great audio effects it is one of the most original and fun games on the Android platform.


Flowers Memory Flowers Memory v1.

The Best Flowers Memory Game with HD Resolution Images


Kiteflying Kiteflying v1.2

It is a calm kiteflying game.


Kaleidoscope Ad Kaleidoscope Ad v1.06.29

A ballet of shapes and colors. A beautiful, relaxing pastime.
Peaceful, completely free of aggression.
An aesthetic enjoyment. A source of inspiration.
Suitable for all ages.

Works like a physical kaleidoscope but without the limitations.

Some people would can it ornaments or mandalas instead of kaleidoscope. Never mind names, just try it.


Mr. Bean Mr. Bean v1.2

Tired with swords, intrigues in the game, try another point to see this game.


Lizardry Lizardry v1.5

Your goal, with the help of Liz the Lizard is to destroy or eat as many flies as possible on your journey to find your lost home. However you'll have to avoid eating the wrong things or having your tongue caught in mouse traps and other not-so-friendly things and insects.


Tumbler Pop Tumbler Pop v0.9

Select groups of balls and make them pop.
Rotate your phone 0-360º to make the balls fall to the left, to the right or even up.
This is a BETA release. If you like you can suggest game elements for the first full version!


Motivation Images Motivation Images v1.4.1

Check out the most funny motivation images!


Puzzle4Kids Puzzle4Kids v2.0.1

A funny puzzle for kids plenty of color.

When you finish each level, you can see a beautiful picture.

Your kids will gain motor skills in a kid-friendly way.

3 difficulty levels

Motivational sounds.


PuzzleGames Cars PuzzleGames Cars v3.1

Dream cars puzzle game.
Ferrari, Ford GT, Mustang, Maserati, Jaguar, Honda NSX, Porsche...

Drag the puzzle pieces to the right place in order to recreate the image.

With Lot's of Photos / levels and multiple skill levels.

Website to upload your high scores and compare with people all over the world.

Have lot's of fun with this Puzzle.


Crazy PingPong Crazy PingPong v1.0

##Free for the first 1000 downloads!!!Price was 5 dollars!!!##
Crazy PingPong aims to loosen up serious swingers with a whimsical take on the sport. It does so to great effect, combining ease of control with vibrant visuals. While a tune up is necessary to address a couple of minor bogeys, it still tees up the best PingPong game on the platform.


Romantic Memory Romantic Memory v1.5.9

Romantic images and music,High-scores table.
The cards with romantic images are laid face down on a surface you can flip two cards face up over each turn.
The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards so you could train your memory .


Monster Puzzle Monster Puzzle v3.1

Monster Puzzle is a simple, and fun puzzle game. It's the only one that have no advertisements free game!!!It will be also quite addicting to everyone who like the Jewels!
Try Monster Puzzle now! And you will be attracted by the features as followings.
★ Beautifully illustrated artwork★
★ Nice, clean graphics and smooth game play★
★ Three game modes: Normal, Timed and Infinite★
★ Auto save★
The most popular and classic casual game comes to Android with many exciting features.


Touch the Numbers. Touch the Numbers. v1.8

Touch the numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can, and become a world record holder!


Alien Overkill Lite Alien Overkill Lite v1.0.969

Survive the invading alien horde in a slick scifi action shooter with different weapons, uniquely themed levels, 48 unlockable achievements, a complete soundtrack of industrial rock, and much more.


Ali Lose Weight Ali Lose Weight v1.0

##Free for only one week!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011) From the publisher East2West!!##
Ali cat is becoming fatter and fatter, but his girlfriend the beauty peach is coming home from Bilmos city. Ok, keeping fit is Ali cat's first mission. In the game, Ali cat need to avoid all kinds of food and get diet pills, then you can succeed, but if Ali cat fail to do so, he will become fatter, their will be trouble between Beauty peach and Alic cat...


Unzipper Free Unzipper Free v1.0

Unzip'em All!
Your task is to unzip as many people as possible from the trousers.
Click on a person to unzip and earn 50 points.
On every level you can miss only a few people, if you cross an acceptable figure, your game will over.
Look out for a bad neighbor, who sets bombs on the rope!! If you don’t precipitate the bomb, you will get -50 points for every person on the rope and one more missed.
Unplug three the same people sequentially and get extra 200 points!!


GoStop GoStop v1.8

A popular card game in Korea.