Fun & Games

Chav Off Chav Off v2.1

Chav Off allows you to irritate unwanted teenage guests, simply switch it on. As well as being very effective against the chav brigade.

*Please do not use this device to inflict harm or for other malicious intent


FunWorldcup FunWorldcup v1.06

Fun World Cup is a fun soccer game where you can kick your way to champion

single player
- drag player using finger, player will kick the ball on touch

- simulate 25 day of world cup
- you can bet each match using point
- you play only when your team kick that day
- choose from 32 country


Zum Zum Zum Zum v1.42.20

Mysteries of vanished civilizations, endless chains of multi-coloured balls, redeeming bonuses, several game modes and dozens of diverse levels. Zum-zum is an adrenaline fuelled non-stop riot.

NOTE: Trial version!


Remember Remember v1

A FREE memory game, which can help you to increase your memory...


Dice Wars Dice Wars v1.2.0

How to play:
1. Double-tap the map
2. Press one of your countries
3. Press a neighbouring country to attack

Challenge people from all over the world in this risk-like multiplayer strategy game.
Featuring customizable avatars, achievements and different maps.

NOTE: Graphics are downloaded to sdcard after installation.


Kids Numbers and Math Lite Kids Numbers and Math Lite v1.8

This app helps preschoolers learn numbers and develop basic math skills.


Tap Puzzle Tap Puzzle v1.75

Tap Puzzle is bubble bursting game.
Click on group of 2 or more blocks of the same color and they disappear.
Build bigger groups to get more points.
Bust as many bubbles as you can.

V 1.54:
Added more tiles sets
Changed settings view
Added lights


DoodleChain DoodleChain v1.0

One level – One tap.
In order to complete a level you should tap only once. But be careful – once you tap anywhere, bullets will fly in every direction. If they hit an enemy, he dies. But enemies shoot in every direction as well. So, every level is an impetuous destruction of enemies.
Game Features:
- 20 levels demanding different approaches to complete/solve the level
- 4 different types of enemies and friends


Slice Slice v1.1.5

Draw vertical and horizontal lines to partition the balls into smaller spaces. Once the balls are contained, you get to move on to the next level.


King Of Dodge King Of Dodge v1.3

King Of Dodge is a simple "dodge bullets" Game.Your goal is to survive the massive bullets!


Crazy Grid Crazy Grid v1.0

fun grid game


Fun Crosswords Fun Crosswords v0.5

Crosswords game with capabilities to download new puzzles.


Game Clock Deluxe Game Clock Deluxe v1.0.2

Very classy, neat and intuitive chess clock!


Game Clock Deluxe PRO Game Clock Deluxe PRO v1.0.1

Very classy, neat and intuitive chess clock !


Memodroid Memodroid v1.0

Classic Memory game for 1-4 players. It features themes with macaroons, fruits and letters.


LightOut LightOut v1.0

Lights Out is an electronic game,.
The game consists of a 5 by 5 grid of lights, when the game starts, a set of these lights are switched on (White tile).Pressing one of the lights will toggle it and the four lights adjacent to it on and off.The game provides a puzzle, to switch all the lights off (Black tile),


Fireman Fireman v1.0

Fireman is a Sokoban style but more simple game.There is a transport puzzle in which the player pushes drop around a maze,viewed from above,and tries to use them to all fire.Only one drop may be pushed at a time,and drop cannot be pulled.


Block Click Block Click v2.0

Simple blocks game: tap on the group of blocks of the same color. The bigger is group, the more points you get, so try to make the group as big as possible.


Heart BlackJack Heart BlackJack v1.1.3

Blackjack are played the size of a simple comparison, adding a lot of top-middle plot and props, hope you like it.


TiltMazes TiltMazes v1.0

The classic 2D-tilt-mazes puzzle game.
Move the ball around the grid and collect all the blue squares.
These puzzles will astound, baffle and delight in equal measure. Young and old alike.