Fun & Games

SoundBoxHorror SoundBoxHorror v1.0

Pour avoir sous la main de quoi faire sursauter vos amis, ou vos ennemis, zaOza a mis au point la SoundBox Horror. Cris, Bruits de démembrement, Râles, portes qui grincent... tout est réuni pour terrifier ceux qui s'y attendent le moins ! C'est magique ou bien ? Visitez maintenant!


AntiBody AntiBody v1.15

Play the role of a young scientist who is trying to save the world by fighting an infection that threatens mankind with extinction.
The purpose of the game is to become the dominant species and remove the infection.
The game is designed for android platform starting with the version 1.5 and implements the newest technologies for user’s convenience.


Oh No! Asteroids Oh No! Asteroids v1.1

Asteroids that threaten to your ship. Try to survive as long as possible.


Lines Game Lines Game v1.32

Boring class? Meeting? Look busy and concentrated while playing lines. Arrange balls of same color on straight lines
of 5 or more to remove them while new balls come after each turn.

Highscore system allows you to compare your skills with best players around - it shows not only daily , weekly and monhtly lists - but also games being played right now. This allows you to react quickly if somebody is about to overtake you.


Light Racer Light Racer v2.0e

Futuristic Motorcycles racing to the death on evil computer-controlled maps. This is a twitch action/puzzle/racing game that is simple, fun and challenging.

2.0e - Droid Support

Problems? Please email us for support!

Want first-person 3D? Light Racer 3D is now available (separately) on the Android market!


Light Racer 3D Basic Light Racer 3D Basic v1.2d

Futuristic motorcycles race to the death in a 3D arena. This is a twitch arcade-style game with full 3D features and effects. Play for speed or try to beat the campaign. This is a free, basic version. Press menu for settings.

v1.2d - Performance improvements and CLIQ Support

Problems? Please email us for support!


Wixel Lite Wixel Lite v1.1h

Designed for word game enthusiasts, Wixel is the authority on scrambled word games with its vast dictionary and unique game modes. Online play is only available in the full version.

Features: Accurate, 180,000 word dictionary (US/UK)
4x4 and 5x5 game boards
Statistics Tracking

Latest Update: Droid Support


THCalc THCalc v3.0.0.2

Texas Hold`em Poker Calculator. Calculates wining probabilities and hole cards rank for any entered hole,flop,turn,river cards and number of players. Provides analysis and advices for practically best play. High accuracy. Very good instrument for new and professional poker players. Has "autoenter" option. Carefully optimized for Android phones.
Home Site:


Kidroid Demo Kidroid Demo v1.2

Kidroid, An educational game for Kids
Developed by QuinDev


ClassicSnake ClassicSnake v1.3.5

Classic snake game, Can make you feel that smooth the screen and can enjoy gobble apples!Your score will be global rank. Do you want to challenge?
- Multiple controls choice
- Speed level setting
- Global ranking


Stack the log! Stack the log! v1.0.1

Stack the logs as precisely as you can! Push the button when you feel the log is exactly above the stack.


Go Clock Go Clock v1.5.6

Clock for the game of Go (Weiqi Baduk)


Newton Newton v1.0

It's just you and your particle gun versus Newton's laws. Guide the particle towards its goal through levels filled with pushers, pullers and obstacles.

This Lite version features 21 levels. Stay tuned for the full version and more challenges!


Crazy Bricks Crazy Bricks v1.60

Invasion of bricks!
Bricks are all around!
Break them! Shoot them! Don't let them beat you down!
Become the best crazy brick hunter!


Tarot Night Tarot Night v1.0.5

Professional Tarot Tool & Exciting Tarot Games!


Throw a Panda (Ad) Throw a Panda (Ad) v4.2

Throw a cute panda as far as possible!



Scramble is one of the popular word finding games. The goal is finding as many words as possible under some letter constraints one of which is that successive letters of the aimed word must be neighbor to each other and the other one is that a word must have at least three letters length.


Suicidal Rescuers VIP Edition Suicidal Rescuers VIP Edition v1.1

Just rescue people commiting suicides. Be good not evil.


Ball Madness Ball Madness v1.2.0

Ball Madness is an addictive ball game that uniquely combines brain&action genres.


Element Works Beta Element Works Beta v1.87

A sandbox type game in which you can place particles of different elements that interact with each other in different ways. You can then set up fun and interesting situations!