Fun & Games

PuzzleMap PuzzleMap v1.3

Do you know your surroundings ?

Make a puzzle of the map of where you are and solve it !

* 3 difficulty levels
* 14 zoom levels


Word Twister Game Word Twister Game v2.1.3

Word twister is a word game, it scrambles all the word letters in random order and user's goal is to rearrange the letters to form the meaningful word.


Balance the Bomb Balance the Bomb v1.9.2

Fate of the world is in your hand. Literally.

Tilt your phone to keep the dynamite standing for as long as possible.


Tic Tac Relax Tic Tac Relax v1.0.0

The best version of "Tic Tac Toe" game with 3x3 and 6x6 modes!


Skeedle Skeedle v1.3

Make the blocks match.
Moments to learn, hours of fun.


CatOrDog CatOrDog v1.03

This is a casual, fun game where players can update their scores on the website 1. Press the cat button or dog button to Start the game! 2. When you win, you will move up a level! 3. You can compare your best scores to a ranking list. Possibly being listed on the Top Ten Best Players list!


Colors Colors v1.8

Blocks are falling fast - are you fast enough?
Arrange colors to straight lines of 3 and beat
the highscore.


PuzzleStory PuzzleStory v1.0.9

Simple puzzle game with original artworks.


Tic Tac Tolk Tic Tac Tolk v3.0.1

This is a Tic Tac Toe game with support for Aunndroid 2 Aunndroid ( a2a ) which lets you play the game with your friend, who has the game installed on their android powered mobile phone.


Frozen Egg Frozen Egg v0.9.3.1

Easter themed Frozen Bubble version based on original code from Pawel Aleksander Fedorynski (search for "Frozen Bubble" on market), all credits go to him. Knock the eggs down by forming clusters of three or more eggs.


Cosmix Cosmix v1.3

Don't let them destroy your lair. Eat them all!



This is a tic tac toe in which the computer AI is referred as MENACE which is an implementation of Donald Michie ( algorithms. It start with random moves and learns through out the game. The current limit of number of game for learning is 300 games.


Animal Detective Animal Detective v1.1

You are a police detective. By getting answers for your questions about crime suspect appearance you should reveal him.


Ultimate Gun Ultimate Gun v1.0

Ultimate Gun is a fun application for playing with Gun.


Armored Strike Armored Strike v2.043 - Fixes app running in the background! Dell Streak support. Force Close Fixes. Lowered vehicle requirements.

Classic tank warfare with a modern touch and extreme firepower! Play online now!


Dice General Dice General v1.1

General is a dice game the main goal of which is to score more point than your opposite.


Crayon Ball Crayon Ball v1.1

a sample funny game,use your finger to control the movement of balls.


Rush Car Rush Car v1.0

A click on a vehicle accelerates speed, two of them immobilizes it, three starts again it. Not easy to find itself there when the cars engage in circulation. Obviously, the goal is to avoid the pile-up.


aHunt aHunt v1.0

Retro USSR console game from 1980s


myLucky myLucky v1.0

shake your Gphoen and get your luck rank.