Community Trivia Quiz Community Trivia Quiz v1.0

-Leonard Likes this App!-

Made by fans for fans, this is the Community Trivia Quiz! Test your knowledge of this wonderful show and try to get your name on the leaderboards.

There are 101 questions in this app and I'm plaaning on updating the app so more updates coming soon. Enjoy!


Planet Bubble Planet Bubble v2.08

Join 10 million people from around the world on Papaya. Play Papaya Planet Bubble!
Papaya Planet Bubble is the galactic sequel to Puzzle Bobble. Connect your planets by shooting them into space and save your alien from the impending doom of the falling planets!


Save the Egg Save the Egg v1.02

Save the Egg is a fun new physics puzzler for your Android device! On each level the egg is under the threat of destruction. Your task is to save it by building clever structures. Test your skills in 30 unique levels. Save the Egg!


Space Raider Elite Space Raider Elite v1.4

Retro Horizontal Space Shooter Game


Papaya Pet Paradise Papaya Pet Paradise v2.08

Papaya Pet Paradise is about more than just feeding and cleaning your pet. You can take them for walks and socialize with other people's pets, grow a garden for them to frolic in, and even get them a part time job (so they can start paying the virtual bills too).


Color Block Color Block v1.1.2

A crisis in the ColorBlock’s world!Three same color to line up the box can be eliminated.This is a fun game,It‘s time killer!


FRG FRG v1.3.9.1

FRG is an arcade-style overhead 2-D shooter where you pilot your robot into battle against advancing enemy robot hordes. Unlock and use a variety of weapons and robots as you progress through many levels of increasingly difficult challenges. After completing the game, see if you can win all achievements! FRG includes smooth graphics and a retro-soundtrack.


Bellyfly Free Bellyfly Free v1.1.2

The flood happened in the forest! No way to escape for the poor creatures! Who can save them?...

Fly! Fly! Bellyfly! Save them all! Super hero of the forest!


Bobofish Bobofish v1.337

Human garbage makes fish to be locked in to the solid bubbles, Marine faces disaster.
Save the marine is save us, let’s save the fish first!
Full version of the game offers four modes, more than 100 stages, more than 30 kinds of skill items, quickly join us to protect our oceans, protecting our planet.


Bounce Bounce v1.0.2

Bounce all day long!

Bounce is an HD Graphic Platformer where you will be immersed in stunning environments!

The goal of the game is easy… get your bouncing ball as far as possible. However you will have to maneuver through various worlds and avoid the traps and obstacles found along the way.

The best feature built into Bounce is that you can create your own levels, your own character and share those with the Bounce community!


Freeze The Hell Free Version Freeze The Hell Free Version v1.2

Control a magic frost asteroid in a noble quest of freezing the Hell and saving the mankind.
You should survive as long as possible avoiding plancks which are trying to push you off the screen.


AntiBody AntiBody v1.15

Play the role of a young scientist who is trying to save the world by fighting an infection that threatens mankind with extinction.
The purpose of the game is to become the dominant species and remove the infection.
The game is designed for android platform starting with the version 1.5 and implements the newest technologies for user’s convenience.


XmasFirePlace XmasFirePlace v1.3

This program allows you to easily create a festive card for Christmas. Design your own Christmas fireplace, as you want and save it as a picture and send via SMS and Email.


Traffic Control!? Lite Traffic Control!? Lite v1.3

Guide all cars that leave a garage to safety and complete all objectives (in Challenge mode) or get a highscore on the online leaderboard (in Arcade mode)!

FULL game features:
- 9 Arcade levels with online leaderboards
- 100+ Challenge levels to test your skills


Cashtap Cashtap v1.02

Cashtap is a simple tapping game where you need to tap the items that appear on the screen and get as many points as possible before the timer runs out. Cashtap has two game modes, a casual mode and a more challenging extreme mode, to choose from depending on your mood. It also features all-time and daily online leaderboards to keep you coming back and testing yourself against other people.


Huarong Trail Huarong Trail v1.0

One of the famous Chinese styled sliding puzzle games.


Rotate Branches Rotate Branches v1.0

Rotate Branches
The tree is dying, it needs water!
You can connect the roots of the tree via click on the grids.After they are connected, the tree will be saved.
Go on, you smart brains.


Spider Spider v2.4.1

Enjoy Spider solitaire on your phone.

Three levels of difficulty.
Bonus games - Black Widow and tarantula.
Gesture based undo and redo.
Auto save on exit.
Animated cards motion.


Lines Droid Lines Droid v1.2

Droid Lines game is not strange to many people. It is an extremely interesting game for your spare time. With the button layout on the screen game to help players more comfortable with the frequently used actions such as Back, Save and Quit. Try and enjoy with the comfort of Lines Droid


Space Wars Space Wars v1.2

Launch day special, 5 days for FREE. Download while you can. Enemy ships are approaching and your mission is to save the world. Get your fighter jet ready as you face the greatest enemy onslaught ever before in