Movie Poster Store Movie Poster Store v1.0

Find movie posters and motion picture art in several sizes and styles in the Movie Poster Store.
Search the worlds biggest movie poster catalog with more then 260.000 available items.


GDW GDW v4.1

GDW is the best application that to explore google doodle, in widget and notification dropdown window!
Do you check on google main page icon? Thats google doodle!

- New UI
- Rewrite the code
- Customize widget text color and background color
- Custom frame support
- Floating widget adjust for custom frame
- Download doodle to your device
- Check worldwide doodle
- Get more previous doodle
- Share doodle to your friend
- Auto update for donate version


Cap That App Cap That App v1.1

Cap That App adds hilarious (but often offensive!) captions to your
photos. You can share the capped pics to facebook, google+, twitter or
your favourite social app! Saving to your phone or Dropbox is also one tap away!


UniversalMusicRadio UniversalMusicRadio v1.0

A Great Music radio application for those of you who love streaming radio from all countries .The simplicity of this app will appeal to those who are satisfied with great content and reliability.


TwitMyPlace TwitMyPlace v0.8.0

Share your location with your friends on Twitter


Picasa Photo Picasa Photo v7.0

Welcome to Picasa Photo
This program is to view your photos from your picasa account, you have to login your google account, and grant the permission for the application to access your account data.


ARY Digital ARY Digital v1

Watch ARY DIGITAL on your android device and google TV

This Application is free and supported by push notifictions and home icons shortcuts ads


Technology News Technology News v1.0

Stay tuned to latest technology news.
Lets tech think and share the spirit..


PicGo PicGo v3.4

Version 3.4
1. Optimize the searching speed
2. Enlarge the screen to view more image
3. Fix bugs

Version 2.2

1. Support Google Image Search
2. Support Yahoo Image Search

Version 1.4
1. Re-design the UI, make it more simple and beautiful
2. Reduce the time of searching, make it more faster
3. Enhance the capability of searching, can search more keywords
4. More hints when you playing of it
5. Can save all the photos at the same time


StreetViewList StreetViewList v1.0.0

Best of Street Views


Manslator Manslator v0.1.4

Having problem understand your wife/girlfriend?
This app can help you - Manslater! Enter what she said either via text input or speech recognition and let it translate what she really meant and display and read it to you.
Finally understand the women! :)

Supports all languages with help of Google Translate. So thank Google for bad translations ;)
Has local databases for the following languages:
* English
* German


LocalCast LocalCast

Get your media on the TV with LocalCast!

The only casting app with these features:
- Cast PDFs
- Use your phone as wireless headphones !
- Rotate pictures and movies
- Zoom in and out pictures and movies
- Pan pictures
- Change the subtitle fon size
- Cast movies, pictures, videos and PDFs
- Cast from Google Drive, Google+, Dropbox, NAS (DLNA / UPNP or SMB) or your device


Russian Video Search Russian Video Search v8.0.2

Type and speak in Russian or English. Find Russian videos on Youtube, Yandex, Google and VKontakte.


PicTells PicTells v2.2

PicTells is a smart app for phones and tablets to analyze your face and detect the mood from your facial expressions along with your nearest celebrity match and some other facial attribute detection like presence of glasses, smile, gender detection and comparison with celeb faces (eye distance, upper and lower face area). Nice app to have fun and share face analysis results in facebook and other social networks. Images can be uploaded from gallery or real time from camera or through Image URL


AndAR AndAR v0.5

AndAR is a project that enables Augmented Reality on the Android platform.
Go to the project's website for detailed instructions.
*warning: this app is still in BETA state, tested on: G1 (1.5, 1.6), N1 (2.1)*
Please report any bugs on the website, not on the ratings!

See also: AndAR Model Viewer.


RankingTube RankingTube v4.0

You can easily access YouTube Ranking site of 23 countries with this "RankingTube" app.

- Rankings in 23 countries
- Ranking is shown by category
- HQ Video is available
- Bookmark
- Send to Twitter,Facebook,Google Buzz


myRemote myRemote v1.06

Simply the best remote control for Windows Media Center


Toon Goggles Toon Goggles v8.00

100% kid safe, parent friendly cartoons, games, and music any time, anywhere!

Toon Goggles is a children's entertainment online channel offering an unlimited amount of child and parent friendly cartoons (clips, trailers, episodes, and features), music, and games for FREE. Toon Goggles is a completely safe and protected service for children of all ages to enjoy entertainment that have never been available to them.


World DroidCup World DroidCup v1.7

World DroidCup provides a set of powerful and user friendly features to follow the World Cup 2010, like info about groups, table of matches, finals, artillery, stadiums visualization in Google Maps and a Real Time Match System.


News Droid News Droid v1.5.2

Its all about android, empowering you to get best views, visions, news and opinions about Android.
Support Facebook wall posting.
Over 10.000 resources, update content news daily.
Share to your friend instantly.
Support language translation powered by Google
Long click item gallery image to view detail.