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PicTells is a smart app for phones and tablets to analyze your face and detect the mood from your facial expressions along with your nearest celebrity match and some other facial attribute detection like presence of glasses, smile, gender detection and comparison with celeb faces. PicTells is powered by FACE.com (http://face.com)

PicTells Features
*Face detection
Determine the presence of face in the picture
*Mood detection
PicTells can predict if the mood is happy, sad, surprised, angry or neutral (and many more) from facial expressions and present you with the perfect SMILEY for that MOOD. isn't it cool?
*Gender detection
An app is called "smart" when it can do intelligent tasks like telling the gender (male or female) of a person from his pic, PicTells does it very well.
*Celebrity Match Finder
You can find your nearest celeb match from our increasing celebrity database, along with interesting comparison with celebs like eye distance, similarity of upper and lower face areas.
*Other facial attributes
Smile detection, presence of glasses, eye distance and face area comparison (in celeb feature)
*Pics can be uploaded from phone gallery, real time from camera or from an image URL. You can also share the face analysis results in Facebook and other social networking sites.

Find out more about PicTells at http://appsolutegeeks.somee.com/pictells
Write to us your feedback, comments, feature suggestion or anything regarding PicTells at support@appsolutegeeks.somee.com

*more celebs added, try out the celeb feature of pictells which has now more number of celebs. Find out if you resemble Brad Pitt, Megan Fox or Rajnikanth!
*support for icecream sandwich

****Note to our users****
We are confident that PicTells is the most accurate, unique, the first and the best fun app of its kind. Some of the low rated and demeaning comments (in the Google Android Market) are from our competitors and we have no ways to remove them.

Drop us a note or comment if you like the app, enjoy PicTells and have fun!


Parental rating: 
Everyone (age 6 and over)
Default language: 
Trial version: 
"In-App" billing: 
With advertisements: 
See video


Requires Google Play and/or account: 
Requires third-party libraries: 
Requires 'rooted' device: 
Minimum Android version: 
Android 2.1
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
Requires features: 
Location, Location gps, Location network, Screen portrait, Touchscreen
Requires permissions: 
Access coarse location, Access fine location, Access location extra commands, Access network state, Camera, Internet, Read external storage, Read phone state, Vibrate, Wake lock, Write external storage, com.android.browser.permission.WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS, com.android.launcher.permission.INSTALL_SHORTCUT

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Reviews of PicTells

Great app, would highly recommend it!h

Great app, would highly recommend it!

try out pictells and post your reviews and comments!
have fun with face, moods and celebs :)

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