Arabic TypeWriter Arabic TypeWriter v1.0

If you want to type in Arabic and if your device is not allowing to do this,,now do not worry.Because this application is there for you.


Urdu TypeWriter Urdu TypeWriter v1.0

If you want to type in Urdu and if your device is not allowing to do this,,now do not worry.Because this application is there for you.


Ezan Vakti Ezan Vakti v2.2.1

✔Online Hatim Paylaşımı. (Ayet,Sure,Sayfa,Cüz Bazında)
Sizde bir Cüz, Sure, Sayfa veya Ayet okuyarak bir hatim setinin tamamlanmasına vesile olabilirsiniz.
✔ Kütüphane özelliği eklendi
✔ Aşrı Şerifler.(İlgili Vakit otomatik açılır).
✔ Tesbihatlar. (İlgili Vakit otomatik açılır)
✔ Cevşen Arapça.
✔ Cevşen Türkçe Meal ve Transkiripsiyon.
✔ Namaz Dua Ve Sureleri
✔ Yakındaki Camileri bulma (Google Hizmeti)
✔ menu tasarımı değişti
✔ online kabe


Ummulqura Widget Ummulqura Widget v1.0

Umm al-Qura calendar is an Arabic and Islamic Hijri program appears on the
main screen of your Android device, stylish and easy to use to show you a today
date in AD and AH(hijri) with the name of the lunar month
we develop this program to give you the impression that your Android device
start to meet your needs and understands you.


Android Device Catalog Android Device Catalog v1.0.3

Android powered Smartphone and Tablet catalog with detailed information.

v1.03 Bug Fixes


Android Sensor Box Android Sensor Box v1.3

Android Sensor Box - Ultimate Diagnostic Tool
Ultimate Diagnosis and Demonstration of the Android Sensors


Android Talk Mobile Android Talk Mobile v1.0.12

The official app for Android Talk| by MobileDudes, all about the Android platform


Android Terminal Android Terminal v1.1.6

Linux Terminal for Android. Run Linux command on your phone and install external android apps.



A.M.K Labs presents "ANDROID GREEN"!



A.M.K Labs presents "ANDROID PINK"!


Find My Android Find My Android v1.0.7

"Find My Android" is an app that helps you find and track your android phone.


Android Web Editor Lite Android Web Editor Lite v0.11055

Android Web Editor Lite - a unique mobile software for web developing. It allows you to create your own html, php, javascript and other pages or edit already existing. You can preview them in web browser via our web-server or in biult-in quick view unit. Also you can manage, upload and download files through the FTP as well as managing your local files and folders.
Supports all types of web files.


WiFi Android Manager WiFi Android Manager v1.0

WiFi Android Manager

Tired of taking the SD Card in and out to synchronize your files with PC ?
Then WiFi Android Manager is your perfect choice.


SpecialAndroid4U SpecialAndroid4U v0.7.1303.53511

This is a web shortcut for the Android
Website found at


SpecialAndroid4U SpecialAndroid4U v0.4.1299997748

This is the Offical App for


PGP Manager for Android™ PGP Manager for Android™ v1.2

PGP Manager is a full-featured PGP client for Android.


Android Battery Calibration Android Battery Calibration v1.0

Calibrate your battery and extend its life!

Steps to do that:
1. Download Android Battery Calibration
2. Open
3. Plug your phone in charger
4. Wait till it is fully charged
5. Press Calibrate button
6. You're done!

Important notice: You have to have ROOT access on your phone.


Android Secret Codes Android Secret Codes v2.0

Discover the secret world of your Android device!


AndroidDreamer AndroidDreamer v0.66

AndroidDreamer is an application for Dreambox-owners (or any Enigma1- or Enigma2-based satellite-receiver) which lets you watch your Dreambox on your Android via streaming in LAN and remotely over 3G/HDSPA/WIFI.


Android Booster Android Booster v1.6.00.00

Reach your Android’s maximum potential by increasing speed, saving battery power and monitoring data usage with NetQin’s Android optimization app. Android Booster FREE will improve your Androids performance in seconds with it’s easy to use interface by helping you reclaim memory, save battery power, kill tasks and give you an easy way to uninstall unwanted apps. Android Booster also contains a handy Widget which gives you the power of one-click optimization.