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Tiny Classroom Flash Cards is a feature rich flash card application for foreign language study. Tiny Classroom now provides free access to flash card learning lists for 30 separate languages!

+ Flash card mode
+ Written answers
+ Auto play flash cards
+ List View and filters
+ Import flash cards from web
+ Import or edit flash cards on phone

More flash card features coming soon in version 1.3

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Tiny Classroom is designed to help you learn foreign language vocabulary faster and easier than ever before. Our team has carefully considered their own experience of language learning to bring you a rich, effective and unique product. Tiny Classroom was written for language learners by language learners.

Tiny Classroom uses the Flash Card method for learning new foreign language vocabulary. One of the key features of Tiny Classroom that we find particularly enhances our language study is the ability to check against a written answer using any installed handwriting recognition input method. There are several good handwriting recognition input methods available on the Android Market Place.

In Tiny Classroom, your words are organized into lists, and lists are arranged into groups. This hierarchy enables you to review and categorize large numbers of words in a structured manner. Words are displayed on cards, where the front and back of the card can display either your native or foreign language word. On the back of the card you can also include additional information that will enhance your study, such as pronunciation, phonetic representation, example usage or a dictionary definition.


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Tiny Classroom
Tiny Classroom


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Android 1.6
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Android 1.5
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240 dpx
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Internet, Read external storage, Vibrate, Write external storage

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Version 1.2.8 Released

Version 1.2.8 introduces a new setting to prevent merging of duplicate words during import. If the "Merge Duplicates" option is not checked then duplicate words will be imported as additional new words (learning statistics will not be shared between any duplicate words and existing word details will not be overwritten).

Version 1.2.6 released

Version 1.2.6 introduces a third button in flip mode. The new green tick button allows you to quickly mark the word as 'written'. We have also introduced a font size option on the settings menu which allows more text to be shown on the card. Please continue to provide your feedback. Many thanks, Tiny Classroom Team.

Web based word lists

We are now focusing on development for the release of version 1.2. In this version we will provide a web based repository of word lists for direct import into the application. This will provide casual users with the much needed ability to directly access foreign language vocabulary lists directly from their phone. Regards, Tiny Classroom team.

Version 1.1.5 released

Many thanks for your support these last couple of weeks. In addition to the introduction of adding/editing words from the phone in version 1.1 we have also released version 1.1.5 which fixes some issues users were having when managing word lists in Microsoft Excel. This version introduces support for tab delimited import and export as well as support for ANSI, and Unicode UTF-8 and UTF-16 import files. Please continue to provide feedback to support@tinyclassroom.com so we can further enhance the application to suit the needs of our users. Regards, Tiny Classroom team.

Beta version 0.7 released

Hi, I am the developer of this application. If you have any issues, comments or suggestions then please feel free to contat me at support@tinyclassroom.com. Dont forget to check out our website which has instructions and tips for how to get the most out of Tiny Classroom, www.tinyclassroom.com. I hope you enjoy the application and that it helps your language study. Many thanks for your support, Tiny Classroom team.

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Good app, great value.


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