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STOP Cigarettes PRO - Quit Smoking is the best application to help people who want to quit smoking.
To succeed in quitting the app offers:
• Real-time statistics: the time you've been without smoking, the money saved since you quit smoking, the number of cigarettes not smoked, the minutes of life that you have not wasted no smoking....
• Achievements and life: time markers you have achieved since you stopped smoking.
• Notifications each time you accomplish a merit or a life.
• Recommended Reading: guides to achieve the objective, quit! That will also help to prevent relapse.
• Community: Community Facebook users to share the process with others.
• Tests: The prestigious Richmond and Fageström test to assess your level of addiction and motivation, respectively, before quitting. Just as a Test Track to periodically check the levels of nicotine withdrawal.
STOP Cigarettes PRO´s methodology is based on studies and services offered by the most qualified health centers. This methodology is universally adopted by experts who help quit smoking. Throughout the process of quitting, we have identified several different states: thinking about quitting, decision to quit, quit and relapse, etc. . . . And we have found that quitters need change during the process of quitting. With this philosophy we have successfully created the application STOP Cigarettes PRO - Quit Smoking to quit.
People who have tried to quit and have failed, know that quitting is not just a matter of withdrawal symptoms (headaches, irritability, etc. . .) But rather to succeed overcoming the psychological need that it involved and appears throughout the day. So it is necessary to change the habits acquired during your life as smokers , and here is where the methodology STOP Cigarettes PRO - Quit smoking is addressed .
STOP Cigarettes PRO - Quit Smoking provides tips, tasks and targets based on the studies above mentioned, which can help you overcome nicotine addiction and put and end to the habit of smiking. We know that quitting smoking is very difficult, but we also know it is possible. And, without hesitating, we know our program does work!


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Adults Only (age 18 and over)
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Spanish, French, Portuguese, Ukrainian
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STOP Cigarettes PRO
STOP Cigarettes PRO
STOP Cigarettes PRO
STOP Cigarettes PRO
STOP Cigarettes PRO
STOP Cigarettes PRO


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Android 4.4
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Android 2.3.3
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Access network state, Internet, Receive boot completed, Vibrate

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