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Welcome to the snowy dream world of the funny Snowy Bally. He'll gladly improve your Christmas and New Year holiday mood. We should note that Snowy Bally is not an yet another snow ball ... it is rather a magic one. It can listen to your Christmas or New Year wish, apply some magic and provide an "answer" in a funny way about would that wish is going to happen.
You may also play and take care of it: feed it with snow so it wouldn't get melt down, play with it jumping and giggling, it will follow your finger wherever it is pointing, put it to sleep after too many answers, have a good laugh with it. If you want to make it happy just show it some gifts, it will also send you some wonderful Christmas and New Year gifts too.


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Snowy Ball Pet
Snowy Ball Pet
Snowy Ball Pet
Snowy Ball Pet


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Android 5.1
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Android 2.3
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