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Android has quickly overtaken the planet; eliminating The Evil Apple off the face of the planet. Watch his incredible journey as a lone green robot struggles to overtake the dreary world to allow choice and freedom to once again run rampant in the streets! Watch closely as an elderly, exasperated man by the name of Eric Schmidt brings about a wonderful creature after numerous years endlessly passing by with malfunctioning robot after malfunctioning robot. This robot would ultimately prove to be the last ray of light in a world of darkness: will he succeed?

“A flash of bright light quickly dissolved into an ominous darkness. Again, light emerged, sharply penetrating the thick darkness. Rectangular, it slowly grew taller. Shortly thereafter, a damp garage became revealed in the light. Protruding from the garage door came the initial source of light that awoke me. Water slowly dripped in the garage. A putrid smell drifted through the garage, created from years without attendance.”

“Gradually, a dim room came into focus. I glimpsed a man clothed in a once-white lab coat, now closer to a brown after years of corruption from dirt and dust. The man appeared weary and overwhelmed; his face enveloped in unshaven hair and, although young, his sallow face was covered in wrinkles elongating from ear to ear. He paralleled an assiduous president after office: aged with stress rather than years. Sluggishly, my other senses were aroused. I could hear the man’s melodious footsteps, the contrasting creaks and moans of pipes fought with his soft footsteps. The cold was overwhelming and I began to shake pugnaciously. Disoriented and bewildered, I wondered what was happening to me. Strangely, a satisfying warm feeling spread through my body. I became comfortable and the shaking ceased. The man’s footsteps continued to become more audible as he approached me...”


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Rise of the Android
Rise of the Android
Rise of the Android


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Minimum Android version: 
Android 2.2
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
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Loved this story, it really drew me in and there was a lot of depth to it :)

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