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Your spiritual journey awaits! Enter the realm of Heavenly Meditated and begin your spiritual journey today. Affirm self-love, soul, perfect health, inner peace, and true wealth! Lao Tzu, author of the tao te ching, will dispense great wisdom in defining each affirmation leading to the meditation. Let go and become immersed in the sounds of nature. Rain, wind, thunder, and crickets spill into your inner space as the soothing voice of soul confirms the affirmation. Each 5 minute meditation will leave you feeling refreshed and connected to soul. Upon completion of each meditation, you will be awarded the unique badge of affirmation and will carry it along the spiritual journey. This three-dimensional spiritual realm is your escape from chaos, anytime, anywhere.

New features with update 1.4 include: *Integration with the 'Heavenly Meditated Blog'. *'Daily Wisdom' section. *Increased text size for readability. *Tranquil pond added for enhanced relaxation. *Added 'Exit' button.

"The Birth of Heavenly Meditated"

Meditating under my warm comforter in bed I am filled with love and gratitude. As I scan the room before me visible only by the dancing flame of the apple spiced candle my heart warms. To the west, Lao Tzu looks in my direction with his loving, enlightened, porcelain grin. To the south, a painting of white lilies. To the north, The Buddha meditating under the Bodhi tree. This room may be all of one-hundred feet squared, but this space… it’s infinite. I see the beauty, magic, and limitless potential within all things.

There is nothing sweeter than meditating. My name is Shane Burke and I will be your meditation non-guru. Consider me a kind of middle man. Between Earth, and the stars. It can be frustrating listening to audio, or reading text from spiritual teachers that lived thousands of years ago. They reside in a state of mind far off into space, a place where you would like to be. Meanwhile, you are here in the modern world, standing on Earth attempting to apply their wisdom in your own life. The concepts you hear or read may be lost in translation leaving you with the feeling that you will never learn to meditate, or be fulfilled. That’s where I come in, hovering somewhere above Earth but not quite into space, heavenly meditated...

Read the entire story behind "The Birth of Heavenly Meditated" at the following link: http://www.heavenlymeditated.com/blog/the-birth-of-heavenly-meditated/


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Very relaxing and just makes me feel good. I highly recommend for something new spiritually and I love using this app for meditation.

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