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Funny English Accents contains 24 different accents extracted from the original youtube hit video(English Language in 24 accents) to enable you can listen to each presented sound separately for conveniency purposes.English language in 24 accents is a popular hit video on youtube with over 7 million views. The Uploader, Truseneye92 attempts speak in 24 different accents from all over the world. They may not be perfect but at least they resemble and coming from one person, this is just exceptional.

NB: The accents are in no way meant to offend or insult any cultural or social group of people. Some of the sound clips contain some swearings and use of vulgar and slang but it should be noted that these are just but random lines from movies, TV shows and video games and should not be taken seriously.It is just for fun and atleast we can all laugh and celebrate diversity of the English language.

Youtube video:

Accents include:
British, Welsh, Scotish, American, Australian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, SouthAfrican, French, Russian, Italian, SouthAfrican, Irish and many other regional based accents.



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Funny English Accents
Funny English Accents
Funny English Accents
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Its cool i gotta say that

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