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Duaas Companion contains Duaas (دعاء) which consist of invocations to implore God (Allah) in Islam.

35 islamic Duaas with audio, transcription and translation in 10 languages.

New: daily notifications for morning dua and evening dua to memorize and remember!

Other islamic invocations will be added.


- Morning Dua
- Evening Dua
- Dua when waking up
- Dua when wearing a garment
- Dua before entering the restroom
- Dua after leaving the restroom
- Dua upon completing the meal
- Dua upon breaking fast
- Dua when leaving the home
- Dua upon entering the home
- Dua upon completing the ablution
- Dua after the Adhan (the call to prayer)
- Dua upon entering the mosque
- Dua upon leaving the mosque
- Dua when mounting an animal or any means of transport
- Dua when entering the market
- Dua when visiting the sick
- Duaa upon Getting Angry
- Duaa upon seeing someone in trial or tribulation
- Duaa waking Up from a bad dream
- Duaa for anxiety and sorrow
- Duaa upon receiving pleasing news
- Duaa upon receiving displeasing news
- Duaa upon encountering an enemy or those of authority
- Duaa for one whose affairs have become difficult
- Duaa for settling a debt
- Duaa to one who does you a favour
- Duaa of the guest for the host
- Duaa to the newlywed
- Duaa for placing children under Allah's protection
- Duaa for one afflicted by a calamity
- Duaa for visiting the graves
- Duaa upon hearing thunder
- Duaa when it rains
- Duaa before Marital Relations


Parental rating: 
Everyone 10+ (age 10 and over)
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Supported languages: 
Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Indonesian (legacy in code), Malay, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish
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Duaas Companion
Duaas Companion
Duaas Companion
Duaas Companion


Requires Google Play and/or account: 
Requires third-party libraries: 
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Target Android version: 
Android 2.3.3
Minimum Android version: 
Android 2.2
Requires features: 
Requires permissions: 
Access network state, Change configuration, Internet, Read external storage, Receive boot completed, Vibrate, Wake lock, Write external storage, Write settings, com.android.alarm.permission.SET_ALARM, com.android.vending.BILLING

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Great app, would highly recommend it!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

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