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About The Movie:
When Nate “Hitman” Collins (Miguel A Nunez Jr) a Los Angeles hitman for hire assigns his 3 beautiful female assistants Dixie (Noelle Perris), Angle (Avnit Gordon) and Jazzy (Tamara Mitchell) to kill the notorious Carlos Enriquez (Emilio Roso) a ruthless mob boss from the Las Vegas Mexican mafia over a dispute from a recent poker game, the women find out Carlos Enriquez is the most ruthless target they have ever come up against. When they get caught trying to get the drop on Carlos they find themselves being held hostage by the very person they were assigned to kill. Carlos convinces the women that Nate lost the poker game in question and actually owes him $3,000,000. He explains to them that in an attempt to eliminate his debt Nate has sent them out on a lie. Carlos turns the tables on Nate by setting two of the girls Dixie and Angel free to find Nate, kill him and bring back his $3,000,000 winnings from the poker game. He gives the women 24 hours to track down Nate or Jazzy who is still being held hostage dies. In their 24 hour quest to find Nate it’s a constant game of cat and mouse as the situation continuously changes. You won’t be able to turn away from this action packed thriller for even a second because there’s always the question of who’s telling the truth and what going to happen next!


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Double Crossed Movie
Double Crossed Movie
Double Crossed Movie
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