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Do you have trouble finding a cut of meat that a recipe calls for?

Never sure how to cook a certain kind of beef?

Then the Cuts of Meat app is for you!

We cover more than 50 cuts of beef, including all of the standard U.S. cuts as well as over a hundred other names that these cuts can go by in your grocery store.

For each cut we tell you:
* How tender it is
* How much fat is has
* How expensive it is
* How flavorful it is
* Typical ways it is cooked
* Other names it is called
* Good substitutes if you can't find it
* Traditional dishes that use it
* The primal cut it comes from
* An extended description discussing the cut and many of the relevant facts about it

This app is a great resource to have with you at the grocery store when you can't find what you are looking for and need a great substitute!

If you have more suggestions we should add or other information you are looking for please let us know and we'll work on adding it right away!


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Cuts of Meat
Cuts of Meat
Cuts of Meat


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