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People with color blindness have difficulty distinguishing between certain colors. It is often a genetic condition that is passed down through the X chromosome, however, it can also be caused by nerve damage or exposure to certain chemicals. Color blindness affects about seven percent of the male population and a much smaller number of women.

I developed ChrōmaZōn to be a tool to help people with color blindness interpret the world around them. Its operation is very simple: just point the camera at something and then read what color it is. You choose between a circular and a rectangular viewfinder and resize it with the touch of your finger.

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Click here for more information about color blindness.


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Not rated
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Copyright © 2011, Ronald Lovejoy. All rights reserved.

This is not a medical device. The user assumes all responsibility for any consequences of the use or abuse of the ChrōmaZōn application and will not hold the author liable for any injuries or damages that may arise from its use.



Minimum Android version: 
Android 1.6
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
Requires features: 
Camera, Camera autofocus, Touchscreen
Requires permissions: 
Camera, Vibrate

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