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Biorcal is a total biorhythm calculator. It calculates all the 13 known biorhythms for the present date and time, at any specific moment, or, during a certain time period.
Each known biorhythm belongs to one of the following four groups:

Primary Biorhythms
Physical: Represents strength, endurance, power, stamina, immunity to disease, coordination, resistance to pain, state of health.
Emotional: Represents mental stability, sensitivity, moods, positive energy.
Intellectual: Represents verbal, mathematical and symbolic abilities, ability to learn, logic, memory, analytical thinking, decision making.
Intuitional: Represents instinct, unconscious perception, hunch, sixth sense.

Secondary Biorhythms
Mastery: Represents the grade of skills’ utilization and efficient use of knowledge and experience.
Passion: Represents the sensitivity of feelings and emotions, love, lust, joy, anger and hatred.
Wisdom: Represents the grade of insight, common sense and wise judgement.

Extra Biorhythms
Perception: Represents the effectiveness of the mixture of the physical five senses with the intuitive, ethereal senses.
Psychic: Represents the grade of the extrasensory perception and precognition.
Success: Represents the ability to determine the success patterns.

I-Ching Biorhythms
Aesthetic: Represents the interest in beauty and harmony.
Awareness: Represents the ability to percept own personality and individuality.
Spiritual: Represents the inner stability and relaxation.

The time period diagrams of the application provide the ability to calculate the arithmetic value of any biorhythm at any moment, by just touching the relevant point of the corresponding curve.
Time period calculations cover a range from 1 to 100 days. The range and the start date are selected by the user. Also, the user is able to choose and print the curves that he/she wants.
The user can select between the Classic and the Extended option of biorhythms. The last option takes into account not only the Infradian component (as Classic Biorhythms do) but also the Circadian and Ultradian ones.


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Biorhythm Calculator
Biorhythm Calculator
Biorhythm Calculator
Biorhythm Calculator
Biorhythm Calculator
Biorhythm Calculator


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