Application promoter

Greetings Android developer:

SlideME’s Application Promoter is a great way for you as a developer to benefit from your application. Better yet, the entire developer community also benefits.

SlideME Application Promoter

The SlideME Application Promoter is a service to promote, market, demo & present your applications through a number of channels:

SAM (SlideME Application Manager) – our SlideME Market Android client

SAM is a single install Android application that allows quick and easy searching and previewing of new Android applications, directly within itself. SAM installs applications instantly, ‘over the air’ (OTA). It simplifies installations (and any uninstalls) by eliminating further need to plug or run any “adb install app.apk” or wipe commands. SAM functions as a dynamic hub and window to all discoverable applications on SlideME's Marketplace - including your own.

We have established over 140 OEM's and partners that are leveraging today our client technology. Your applications get distributed to all these Channels (unless partner chooses not to). Partners also have the ability to feature your applications on their channels as they wish.

App Offers

You can set Limited Time Offers or an LTO from the Promote tab. Create your own promotional campaign, and set your paid apps to a reduced price for a maximum period of one month.

SlideME Web Portal

The SlideME web portal or marketplace is a place where users can review both your applications and your developer profile. They can socially interact, comment, suggest, refer and rate/vote your applications. You can even accept donations or get hired as a developer for a project!

SlideME Android Applications Feeds

SlideME Application Feeds are seeded to most newsfeed aggregators and our directly streamed to most social networks such as our:
SlideME Twitter account and android_apps, SlideME Facebook Page, and a few others social distribution network applications in the works. Feel free to join us on any of them. Soon we will announce more as we get closer to release dates.

Feel free to access the SlideME Latest Android Application Feeds

SlideME Marketplace YouTube Channel

and ask to get featured within our YouTube Videos.
*A requirement to get featured is that you accompany your submissions with quality graphics including a promotional image.

Win with Widgets - Promote Your Apps In New Ways

SlideME Widgets work a lot like ads, except they can provide more details than simply a purchase link. These widgets are designed to display relevant up-to-date info about your Android apps straight from the SlideME Market, such as the developer, price, or even your application icon. Using the provided HTML code, you can embed these widgets into nearly any internet medium that provides HTML capability. You could place them on your website, on a company blog, within internal or external forums, or even marketing emails. We provide a variety of Widget designs you can implement with little effort.

Here's one example:

Get the OfficeSuite Android app from SlideME.

To get your own, simple visit your application profile you have submitted on SlideME and click on "Promote your app now!" widget on the right panel.

Alternatively you can use any of these static banners:

You can download more banner sizes from SlideME Logos & Banners

Want your latest Android application to get the exposure it deserves? Get started by joining the SlideME community of developers.

  1. Sign up at
  2. Upload your applications along with as much detail as you can provide, including screenshots, promotional images 1024x500h, your project URL and video demo link to your application profile that can also be previewed by users from within SlideME Market (SAM) app.
    Note: You can always update your application info at any time.

Also part of our approach is inviting Accredited Members and experts from the wireless & mobile media industry to comment and contribute on applications in the SlideME repository.

We will be sending out press releases specifically targeted to mobile technology media experts (1500+ contacts) aimed at grabbing their attention. We want articles on the innovation and enthusiasm of developers and their applications. As some of your applications may be reviewed, possibly requiring your permission, make sure your contact information in your profile is current.

So, might be wondering how you can make some cash or monetize your development efforts? One of our goals is to help small developers enter this unfamiliar territory, and bring them value in the long run. For now, the easiest way to start is by submitting your applications to SlideME and entering your PayPal account details so you can accept donations and payouts from SlideME.

SlideME's goal is to provide end-to-end service for Android developers and their applications – from stocking, to delivery, to monetization. What we need is community support. Your support. It is all about this mutual support amongst the community of Android developers, driving growth of this exciting open mobile platform.

We look forward to your contribution and joining the rest of the Android developer community at SlideME.


The SlideME Team