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Drummer Friend Free Drummer Friend Free v1.3.2

Free edition of Drummer Friend: preset drum machine with high quality stereo acoustic sounds for live playing with your preferred musical instrument.
All controls work realtime and the sound accuracy is comparable with professional instruments.

Requires fast devices, at least 1 Ghz or dual core.

- 13 presets rhythms everyone with intro, ending, fill-in and variation parts


Musician Friend Free Musician Friend Free v1.3

Try to perform live recognition of chords with the microphone of your phone as input.

It also shows the strongest bass and melody.

Chord types recognized are:
Major, minor, 7 Maj, 7 min, +5, 4.

If you like this application, please consider Musician Friend SE (supporter edition) to support the development.
On the supporter edition you can find improvements like
recognition of others chords (maj7, 6, dim, dim7, 7sus4, maj7, 7+5),
and noise/drums detection inside music.

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