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APPeus develops android apps such as Handy Diary and Handy Journal right moment for diarists. We believe in developing better android apps, first started with a better diary app. By optimizing user experience, and adding powerful functions, we are able to make a better android diary in the market.

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Handy Diary Handy Diary v1.3.2

Still looking for a secret diary app with an easy UI? Get frustrated by using complex diaries daily?
HERE YOU GO! Handy Diary is your best choice!
- Handy Diary is a simple diary app with a User Friendly UI which is easy to use
- Handy Diary is a secure diary with a password lock, data backup to SD card or on the Cloud
Use this app to record every moment of your life! All your experiences, ideas, opinions and thoughts can be organized and managed in this single app.

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