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Bar Dice Bar Dice v3.1

"Bar Dice" is a highly immersive dice game.


Cartoon Flip Garden Cartoon Flip Garden v2.1

Cartoon Flip Garden is an IQ test card type puzzle game.


Eggs Jump! Eggs Jump! v1.1

"Eggs jump" is a very interesting casual puzzle game.
Find the correct opportunity, anywhere on the screen with a finger click, the egg will jump.
If it falls on the basket above, the score will increase.
If the egg does not fall into the basket, it'll be broken.
Until all eggs break, the game is over.


Funny Letters Funny Letters v2.2

Players need to find all the letters hidden in the picture.


Happy Solitaire Happy Solitaire v5.0

Happy Solitaire is an innovative digital elimination card game.

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