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Apocalypse car run Apocalypse car run v1.1

Apocalypse car run is a thrilling endless 3D race where you have to avoid cars and trucks that are in your way. This race game will give you a good shot of adrenaline and satisfaction of speed.


Bouncing ball extreme 2 Bouncing ball extreme 2 v1.9

Want to go back in time when we played games to have fun and it was easy to play those arcade games? We developed an oldschool game called Bouncing ball extreme 2.


Bubble gum Ninja star avoider Bubble gum Ninja star avoider v1.2

Ninja star avoider is a doodle style arcade game where you have to avoid ninja stars that are falling down from the sky by moving Bubble gum on the screen. Try to get as big score as you can to beat your friends.


Circular saw escape Circular saw escape v1.0

Circular saw escape is a scary horror style arcade, where you have to escape circular saws by taping on your screen.

How to play:
Tap on the screen to start. Player will start bouncing from the left wall to the righ and back. To avoid saw you must gain altitude with tapping on the screen.


Earth defense 2: Apocalypse Earth defense 2: Apocalypse v1.3

Earth defense 2 is a simple addictive space arcade where you must destroy comets and asteroids that are moving towards planet Earth. You can play single player mode or competition mode where you can try to beat other players on our Leaderboard.


Escape from zombies Escape from zombies v1.3

Escape from zombies is a survival 3d maze game where your main objective is to get to the helicopter asap(before counter reaches zero) unharmed. Avoid colliding with zombies or you will die. There are 36 beautiful designed levels to complete that will entertain you for hours.


Halloween cemetery visit Halloween cemetery visit v1.0

Halloween cemetery visit is a horror 3d graveyard simulation, where you are walking through deserted and scary cemetery that is haunted.


Moon Expedition Moon Expedition v6.4

Moon Expedition is arcade or race game made by wasted-droid team for young and adults.
This game is a mix of race and arcade game. You have to reach the moon in shortest time possible.
Upgrade your space ship with caution.


Pinball Extreme Pinball Extreme v9.5

Pinball Universe is a type of arcade game where you have to get as big score as you can with controling flippers.
The primary objective of the Pinball arcade game is to score as many points as possible.


Run Square run Run Square run v2.4

This is the most fun endless runner style game out there. You have to jump with your player(Square) and have to avoid hitting the simple geometric shaped obstacles. Run Square run is one of the best time killer games out there.

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