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BubbleHive BubbleHive v1.1

Bubble Hive adds new twists to bubble shooter game. With level designs that you will have to decide the best strategy to win. Sometime you need to plan your moves, but sometime you can just fire shoot-them-up style!


DiamondDrift DiamondDrift v1.2.18

Enjoy a match-4 game where you slide the pieces and connect them to vaporize them. By simply allowing the pieces to be moved around, this game offers a whole new experience totally different from the similar game on the market.


Jewel Spirit Jewel Spirit v1.0.6

Fill the spirit buckets and compete with players from around the world.


Puzzle 4 Puzzle 4 v1.0

Puzzle 4 is a different kind of connect-4 puzzle. No more swapping, start sliding.


Slide 15 Slide 15 v1.0.6

Move those tiles, fight the entropy, put them in order.


WeWord WeWord v1.0

WeWord is a word puzzle you want to play when you have a few minutes to spare.


Word Drift Word Drift v1.8.19

Word Drift is a fast-paced, modern word puzzle game that lets you move letters around to form words that you know. Never get stuck again.

Discover and collect the hidden notes, trigger the combo by forming long words, setup the bombs and set off the chain-reaction to reach the word that can't be reached otherwise.


Wordest Wordest v1.4.4

Slip and Slide those letters and find as many words and you can. You have 120 seconds.

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