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Ezy Sound Recorder Ezy Sound Recorder v1.0

Ezy Sound Recorder is a well-built android application published by Thrinai Chankong.
This application is a handy tool for recording the sound and save as WAV files.
The WAV file can play on standard player on any Computer without convert file process.
You can see your record files in /sdcard/EzyRecorder


OmegaTeam OmegaTeam v1.01

This game is Shooting Game.
You can control with button on your screen.
Move,shoot and jump with button on screen.

Story of game : You are The Special Force.You have mission to go to The Lab of Dimensional Portal for shutdown the power plant but it's not easy.In The Lab of Dimensional Portal have many monster to kill you.


RobosLand RobosLand v1.2.2

This game like Super Mario style.
This is the advanture of Robo. To help the dog from evil and scary monster. You think you can safe your dog? Download and play it now for free!

Update Version 1.2.1 Date 12 Sep 2013


Shoot The UFOs Shoot The UFOs v1.3

Shoot the UFOs on screen by touch it.
Just for fun when you free.

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